Ph.D. Dissertations

  1. Ibrahim, Ali, “Multiple Model Deep Learning for Grouper Sound Classification and Seizure Prediction.” Fall, 2019. Advisor: H. Zhuang. Co-Advisor: N. Erdol.
  2. Mohammad Sadepg Mohammadi Khoroushadi, “Enhancement in Low-dose Computer Tomography through Image Denoising Techniques: Wvaelets and Deep Learning.” Fall 2018. Co-advisor: H. Zhuang. Advisor: Dr. T. Leventouri.
  3. Esfahanian, Mahdi, “Detection and classification of marine mammal sound,” Ph.D. Dissertation, Fall, 2014. Advisor: Hanqi Zhuang, Co-Advisor Nurgun Erdol.
  4. Guan, Xin, “2D/3D face recognition,” Ph.D. Dissertation, Spring 2012. Advisor H. Zhuang.
  5. Kotlarchyk, A., “Identification of MicroRNA biomarkers for cancer by combining multiple feature selection techniques,” Ph.D. Dissertation, Fall 2011. Advisors A. Pondya and H. Zhuang.
  6. Morales, G., “A study on neural conduction as in myelinated structure under pathological conditions,” defended the dissertation, Spring 2011. Advisor, H. Zhuang.
  7. Huang, L., “Biometric fusion,” graduated 2010. Advisor: H. Zhuang
  8. Wongsoontorn, S., “Design of fuzzy logic controllers with functional fitting,” graduated 2005. Advisor: H. Zhuang
  9. Meng, Y., “Camera-aided self-calibration of robotic systems,” graduated 2000.  Advisor: H. Zhuang
  10. Bai, Ying, “Control of laser tracking systems,” graduated 2000.  Advisors: Z.S. Roth and H. Zhuang
  11. Motaghedi, H., S., “Self-calibration of laser CMM,” graduated 1999.  Advisors: H. Zhuang and Z.S. Roth
  12. Wang, Y., “Design and control of a spherical laser tracker for laser CMM,” graduated 1998.  Advisor: H. Zhuang
  13. Liu, L., “Self-calibration of parallel-link mechanisms,” graduated 1997.  Advisor: H. Zhuang
  14. Xie, X., “Automatic extraction and tracking of eye features from facial image sequences,” graduated 1994. Advisors: R. Sudhakar and H. Zhuang
  15. Wang, K., “Vision based robot calibration,” Graduated 1993. Advisors: Z.S. Roth and H. Zhuang
  16. Shieh, J., “Motion and structure estimation from image sequences,” graduated 1992.  Advisors: H. Zhuang and R. Sudhakar