Sponsored Research

  1. Principal Investigator:Ankur Agarwal; Co-Principal Investigator:Hanqi Zhuang, Gulcin Gumus, Lynne Dunphy, Ravi Behara, "Phase II I/UCRC Florida Atlantic University Site: Center for Health Organization Transformation," NSF, $300,000, 7/15/2016-7/14/2021.
  2. An investigator to the awarded grant – PI: Fraser Dalgleish, "Detection & characterization of fish spawning aggregations using a novel, persistent presence robotic approach," HBIO Foundation. $310,000. Our group (Dr. Erdol and I) share: $46,000 to support a graduate student. 2015-2017.
  3. Zhuang, H. (PI), N. Erdol and E. Gerstein, "Passive Acoustic Detection, Classification and Localization of Marine Mammals," FAU Seed Grant, $20,000, 2013-2014.
  4. Zhuang, H. (PI), Z. Roth, and O. Masory, "Result-Oriented Multidisciplinary Capstone Design to Aid Persons with Disabilities," NSF No. 1033815, $125,000, 7/1/2011 – 6/31/2016.
  5. Zhuang, H., and N. Erdol, (Both are PIs), "Marine Animal Signal Processing and Pattern Analysis," Southeast National Renewable Energy Center. Award amount: $111,007, 2010 - 2011.
  6. Stevens, C .(Director), (H. Zhuang is one of Investigators), "Secure Telecommunication Networks". Award Amount: $1,000,000. (Morgera, Zhuang and Wang’s Group: $123,528), 2007-2008. Award #: DCA-100-02-D400.
  7. Wu J. (PI), (H. Zhuang is one of Co-PI), "Acquisition of a NUMA-based Supercluster for High Performance Computing", NSF-MRI. Award amount: $470,940. 2005-2010. Award #: MRI-0521410.
  8. Stevens, C .(Director), (H. Zhuang is one of Investigators), "Secure Telecommunication Networks". Award Amount: $2,000,000. (Morgera, Zhuang and Pandya’s Group: $210,000), 2004-2006. Award #: DCA-100-02-D400.
  9. Zhuang, H (PI) and Morgera, S. (Co-PI) "Web-Based Instrumentation and Control," NSF-CCLI-EMD. Award amount: $92,570 ($75,000 from NSF, $17,570 from FAU), 2002-2004. Award #: DUE-0127451.
  10. Zhuang, "JOT label placement robots", Equipment donation, $62820, August 2002, Motorola.
  11. Wu, J.(PI), S. Hsu (Co-PI), and H. Zhuang (PI), "CISE Research Resources: A Low Cost Parallel and Distributed Systems Laboratory," NSF. Award amount: $79079 ($52,719 from NSF, $26,900 from FAU). Award #: CISE-0130806, 2001-2004.
  12. Zhuang, H, "A web-based filing system utilizing Java technologies," Equity Technology. Award amount: $9,000, Spring 2001-Summer 2001.
  13. Morgera, S. (PI) and H. Zhuang (Co-PI), "Interfacing medical devices with computers," Einstein Corp. Award amount: $13,018, Summer 2000–Fall 2000.
  14. Zhuang, H. (PI) and Z.S. Roth (Co-PI), "Integration of a telecommunication systems," Radisys Corp. Award amount: $23,500, 1999-2000.
  15. Sudhakar, R.(PI) and H. Zhuang (Co-PI), "Coding and algorithm development for two-way radios," Motorola. Award amount: $11,640. Spring 2000.
  16. Zhuang, H. (PI) and Z.S. Roth (Co-PI), "Digital interface for a telecommunication system," IMMIX TeleCom Inc., Award Amount: $11,700, 1999-2000.
  17. Zhuang, H. (PI) and R. Sudhakar (Co-PI), "Development of a machine vision laboratory," Cognex Corp. Award amount: $120.000. 1999.
  18. Zhuang, H., "An open-architecture controller for super lens placement," Motorola Manufacturing Systems Division. Award amount: $8,032. August 1998-August 1999.
  19. Zhuang, H. (PI) and R. Sudhakar (Co-PI), "An undergraduate laboratory for machine vision," NSF ILI Grant. Total Award Amount: $72,966; $36,483 from NSF, $36,483 from FAU, 1998-2001.
  20. Zhuang, H., "Window-based AI applications," Easy Legal Forms. Award Amount: $9,950. May 1998-Dec. 1998.
  21. Zhuang, H., Travel Grant, to attend NSF Conference, FAU Foundation, Award Amount: $750, January 1998.v
  22. Zhuang, H., "A tool for file conversion," Motorola Paging Division. Award Amount: $6,832. May 1997 - September 1997.
  23. Zhuang, H., "Kinematic calibration of the GBT subreflector positioning mechanism," National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Award Amount: $14,300. August 1995 - August 1996.
  24. Zhuang, H., "Robot workspace mapping," Motorola Manufacturing Systems Division. Award amount: $10,900. May 1995 - Dec. 1995.
  25. Zhuang, H., "An autonomous approach for calibration and compensation of a new class of CNC machine tools," NSF Research Initiation Award. Total Award Amount: $123,094; $97,047 from NSF and $26,047 from FAU. August 1994 - August 1998. Award #: DMI-9409716.
  26. Roth, Z.S. (PI), and H. Zhuang (Co-PI), "Upgrade of a laser tracking coordinate measuring machine for calibration of machine tools and robots," NSF Research Equipment Grant. Total Award Amount: $87,491; $40,745 from NSF, $40,746 matched by FAU and $6,000 donated by AeroTech. Award #: DDM-9310420.
  27. Zhuang, H. (PI), "Development of self-calibrating single-beam laser tracking coordinate measuring system," Faculty Initiation Awards, FAU Foundation, February 16 - June 30, 1993. Award Amount: $1,800.
  28. Masory, O. (PI) and H. Zhuang (PI), "Development of an automated system for mapping of electromagnetic field intensity," Sensormatic Electronics Corp., June 1992 - Aug. 1992. Award Amount: $24,940.
  29. Sudhakar, R. (PI) and H. Zhuang (PI), "Development of low cost, automated system for nonintrusive measurement of eye dynamics," Florida HighTech Research Grant, Jan. 1991 - Dec. 1991. Award Amount: $20,000.

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