CLASS Civic Literacy Workshops 

All Florida college students must satisfy a civic literacy requirement in order to graduate. It is strongly recommended that this be completed during the first-year at FAU. This requirement* can be met by passing a civic literacy exam which can be taken at the FAU Testing Center. This test is offered at NO CHARGE throughout the semester. 

Workshop Descriptions 


All workshops are FREE and open to any FAU student. Each workshop is offered 3 times per month during fall and spring semesters. To be best prepared, students should attend all workshop sessions 1-2 weeks prior to taking the exam.

Workshop Times and Locations 

Please be advised that Spring 2020 semester workshop dates will be posted by the end of the first week of the Spring 2020 semester. 


*NOTE: Students may also satisfy the Civic Literacy requirement by completing certain FAU courses such as POS 2041 and AMH 2020 or through minimum scores on certain other Advanced Placement and CLEP tests. Students starting at a Florida college or University in fall 2018 or later must satisfy this requirement. Ask your academic advisor if you are on track to graduate!

Contact Us 

If you have any questions about our workshops or the civic literacy requirement, please contact us today. 

Phone: 561 - 297 - 0906

Email: stay@fau.edu

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