Virtual Reality Experiences

When you come to the Science Learning Center you will not only review academic course content, you will experience it! 

Our center has two virtual reality learning stations to help students engage in deep learning experiences. Each station is equipped with a gaming computer, a VR headset, an Xbox controller and a large TV monitor. This design allows the students to immerse themselves in the VR experience while the tutors look at the monitor and check for student understanding. In an effort to make students more comfortable during these extraordinary times, we now have disposable protective covers for all of our VR equipment. 

student using virtual reality equipment

We’ve curated a library of VR applications that we’ve tested with student tutors and faculty. Here is an abbreviated list of what we offer:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
    • 3D Organon - Offers complete dissection of anatomical structures, with a focus on naming, function and systems.
    • Sharecare - Offers immersive experiences within human anatomical structures. Students can experience the healthy and abnormal systems as well as a variety of invasive medical procedures. 

VR Experiences for Other Areas

  • Astronomy
  • Environmental Science 
  • Chemistry
  • Life Science

We have some games as well, in case you need a study break!


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Coming Soon: Peer-reviewed research and current news articles on "Virtual Reality in Higher Education"!