Mobile Hotspot Loan Program 

With the support of the FAU Office of Information Technology, the CLASS office offers free mobile hotspot loans to students without reliable access to wireless internet. Each semester, our office accepts hotspot applications from any FAU student enrolled in at least one online course. Since we have a limited number of hotspots to meet a high level of student demand, our application is competitive. Preference is given to undergraduate students in fully online degree programs as well as undergraduate students in their last semester at FAU.



In order to qualify for a loan, you must be a current, degree-seeking student who does not have reliable access to internet. Priority is given to fully online undergraduate students who are approaching their graduation term and need a hotspot to complete their coursework. Please be advised that our hotspots are reserved for students who are genuinely having trouble completing their coursework due to limited or no access to internet at home. Hotspots are not loaned to provide convenience, but rather to meet a substantial need. 


Application Process

Starting approximately one month before the start of the term, the CLASS office sends the hotspot application to all students enrolled in at least one online course. Students are also able to access the application through the link below. In addition to providing general information, students must submit the following to complete their application:

  • A screenshot from MyFAU that shows enrollment in at least one online course
  • A brief essay explaining their candidacy for a hotspot loan

Apply Today

The CLASS office usually awards hotspot loans during the first week of the term. Students are required to pick up their hotspots by a certain date. Due to limited funding, our office is unable to mail hotspots.


Hotspot Loan Terms and Conditions

Students who participate in our loan program are expected to adhere to the terms and conditions of the CLASS Hotspot Loan Contract.

Returns & Renewals

All hotspots must be returned by the last day of the term in which they were loaned. If a student with a hotspot gets other means of reliable access to the internet, we ask that the hotspot be returned early so it can go to a student on our waiting list.  

If a student fails to return their hotspot loan, then CLASS reserves the right to place a hold on the student’s account, preventing them from registering for classes.

 Due to a high level of demand, we do not process renewal requests unless there is an exceptional circumstance.

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