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Our expert professional staff and trained graduate assistants can meet with you during a personalized success consultation. Students can select either an academic success consultation or a technology literacy consultation. Our consultation program is designed for undergraduate students enrolled in distance-learning sections of any FAU course. 

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Menu of Academic Consultations 

Online Student Orientation

Understanding the online learning environment can be challenging, especially for new online learners. During this one-on-one consultation, a success coach will help make sense of the big picture. Topics frequently discussed include but are not limited to:

  • Using the syllabus as a road map for success in an online course
  • Understanding the key differences between online and in-person courses

Academic Improvement  

At any point in the semester, students can schedule a one-on-one consultation to help improve their academic performance. This service is designed to assess students’ approach and make recommendations based on their self-identified strengths and research-based academic success practices. Topics frequently discussed include but are not limited to:

  • Resetting expectations and goals to succeed in an online course
  • Creating a new study schedule and developing an academic success plan
  • Understanding and removing barriers to online academic success

Online Concierge

Navigating the online learning experience can be as overwhelming as navigating a new city. If students are lost online, eSuccess can serve as a concierge to help students find direction and navigate FAU resources.

Menu of Technology Literacy Programming 

Canvas Navigation 

FAU uses Canvas as its learning management platform. Canvas is used by faculty and students taking both in-person and online courses. To be successful as an FAU student, you must understand the key functions of Canvas. If you are unfamiliar with the platform and/or experiencing an LMS for the first time, our eSuccess staff can provide a personalized Canvas orientation. We can also help connect you to other university resources that support students using Canvas. 

Microsoft Office

All FAU students are eligible for a free version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is used by students across campus to write papers, create presentations, analyze data and so much more. If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Office, our staff can help you with the basics. Some common topics that we help with include saving documents to the cloud, formatting a paper in Word, preparing a recorded presentation in PowerPoint and preforming basic data analysis in Excel. 


Google Workspace 

As an FAU student, you get free access to Google Workspace through your FAU email account. Some of Google's workspace apps are similar to those offered in Microsoft Office, but they offer an added bonus - real time collaboration with your peers on documents, sheets and slides. Google Workspace also offers cloud storage to easily save your documents and share them with your peers or professors. Some common topics that we help with include formatting documents, managing files in Google Drive and exploring any other apps in Google Workspace. 


Other Commonly Used Technology

You will most likely encounter other educational technology during your studies. We may not be experts in all of these platforms, but we will assist with general navigation and connecting you to other support resources across campus.

Please be advised that our technology literacy services are separate from the FAU Help Desk. If you need immediate technical assistance with your online course, please call the FAU Help Desk at 561-297-3999.