Civic Literacy FAQs

SUS Students Subject to the Requirement

  1. How does the course and exam requirement apply to students who transfer to an SUS institution? 
    Out-of-state students transferring to an SUS institution during the 2021-22 academic year or thereafter, who have never previously enrolled in a public Florida institution (SUS or FCS), must meet the new civic literacy requirement, which includes both a course and an exam.  For in-state students or students who have been previously enrolled in a Florida public institution and are transferring back to a System institution, the institution should refer to Table 1 in this document to determine their cohort and civic literacy requirements. 

  2. If a student received an associate degree from an FCS institution prior to Fall 2018 and is enrolled in a baccalaureate program beginning Fall 2018 or after, does this requirement apply? 
    No, because the initial enrollment in a Florida public institution (SUS or FCS) was prior to Fall 2018. 

  3. How does this requirement apply to dual enrollment students?
    Enrollment in a Florida public institution (SUS or FCS) prior to graduating from high school does not exempt a student from having to meet the civic literacy requirement. These students would still be considered FTIC upon their enrollment in a Florida public institution (SUS or FCS). 

  4. How will universities know if a student transferring between public institutions within the State of Florida has met the civic literacy requirement? 
    Transcripts will have Yes/No/Exempt indicators to show whether the civic literacy requirement has been satisfied. 

  5. Does the civic literacy requirement apply to students seeking a second baccalaureate?
    If a student has never enrolled in an SUS or FCS institution prior to Fall 2018, yes. For students who enroll for the first time in Fall 2018 and thereafter, refer to Table 1 in this document to determine their cohort and civic literacy requirements. 

  6. Beginning in Fall 2021, Florida high school students who take the United States Government course must take the FCLE. If they pass, these students are exempt from the postsecondary exam requirement. How will postsecondary institutions be made aware of students’ performance on this exam? 
    The high school transcripts will be updated to reflect if the student passed the civic literacy assessment. 

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  1. Which assessments are currently available? 
    Currently, only the SUS Civic Literacy Test - Civics (U.S. History and Government) is available for use for students enrolled in an SUS institution. The FCLE is still in development and will be made available to institutions before the conclusion of the Fall 2021 semester.

  2. What is on the SUS Civic Literacy Test - Civics (U.S. History and Government)?
    The questions test basic knowledge of the U.S. political system, the U.S Constitution and landmark Supreme Court cases. Some of the questions are based on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test. Students take the Civic Literacy Test to meet a requirement of the Florida College System and State University System. It is not related in any way to the naturalization process of the U.S. government.
  3. How do I study for the test?
    FREE workshops to prepare for the Civic Literacy test are offered throughout the year through the Center for Learning And Student Success (CLASS). This 3-part workshop series covers the founding of the U.S. and the U.S. Constitution and amendments, structure of U.S. government, and landmark Supreme Court Cases. For more information on these FREE workshops and for specific dates/times, visit
    In addition to attending the workshops, review the module Learn about the United States: Quick Civics Lessons for the Naturalization Test.  A number of questions deal with landmark Supreme Court cases. To review, consult a textbook on the structure and operations of the U.S. government or visit any number of websites, such as  Finally, several questions relate to the U.S. Constitution and its amendments.  You should consult a website containing the Constitution, such as

  4. How do I take the test?
    You can take the test for free in-person at the FAU Testing Center. Visit  for more information. You can also take the test online through Canvas 24/7. While there is no charge for the test, there is a $12.75 online proctoring fee. To take the online/remote Civic Literacy exam,  click to enroll in the Canvas course.

  5. How long does the test take?
    You have up to 120 minutes to complete the test, but many will complete it in far less time.

  6. What happens if I fail the test?
    You may take the exam as many times as needed in order to achieve a passing score.

  7. Will students who previously took the U.S. Naturalization/Citizenship Test to become a U.S. citizen be considered to have satisfied the Civic Literacy requirement?
    No. Students who took the U.S. Naturalization/Citizenship Test to become a U.S. citizen will not have met the Civic Literacy requirement, as that test does not include the competencies as required by statute.

  8. Does the score appear on my FAU transcript?
    No.  Successful completion of the requirement, however, will appear on your transcript.


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