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Taking an online course for the first time can be challenging. We've created this virtual resource page to help you successfully complete any online course you may take during your academic career at FAU. Our eSuccess team is here to support your academic growth beyond one assignment or one course. To achieve your full potential, you must Get Prepared , Study Smarter, and Be More Productive. FAU Owls can also review a wide range of additional resources by visiting LinkedIn Learning and services provided by CAPS  By reviewing these resources, you will be well on your way to acing your online course. 

get prepared

Get Prepared

  • Understand your syllabus
  • Grab a calendar and get organized 
  • Attend an eSuccess consultation
  • Get comfortable with the technology 
  • Understand your Time Management (See the eSuccess digital library below)
study Smarter

Study Smarter

  • Find your subject tutor and book a session 
  • Develop a study plan and stick to it
  • Find balance as you study by utilizing the FAU's  Anxiety ToolBox
  • Join a virtual study group or start one of your own
be more productive

Be More Productive

  • Learn how to avoid procrastination 
  • Set goals each term, focus on executing these goals, and reflect on the impact of your goals on your online academic career or student experience.  

Our eSuccess digital library is designed to assist you by providing study tips, academic support as well as student support resources you may need while learning online.


Do you have questions about online learning resources? Access our eSuccess Online Learning Resource Guide and prepare for a successful online academic journey.


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