Free Online Tutoring for Students in online courses

Online tutoring, which we call eTutoring, is offered by multiple offices in the Center for Teaching and Learning. The Math Learning Center (MLC) offers online tutoring for most undergraduate math courses. The University Center for Excellence in Writing (UCEW) offers assistance with any part of the writing process. The CLASS office offers eTutoring and Hybrid Supplemental Instruction in many courses outside of the writing and math disciplines. Please see below for information on CLASS eTutoring services. 

CLASS eTutoring 

In collaboration with the Center for Online and Continuing Education, CLASS offers free eTutoring for FAU students enrolled in some of FAU's most difficult online courses. These services are designed for students who are paying the distance learning fee for their online course. The Center for Online and Continuing Education at FAU is committed to increasing access to education, improving student-learning outcomes, and holding constant or reducing instructional costs by effectively utilizing technology in course delivery redesigns.

We update our eTutoring program each semester to help meet the needs of the student population. Your questions help drive each session. Currently, our eTutoring services are offered through Zoom, a virtual meeting function within Canvas. We strive to deliver optimal services in the online environment and thus all of our eTutors are extensively trained, working towards CRLA certification and have earned either an A or an A- in the course(s) they are supporting. 


Spring 2023 Schedule 

Course Tutor Days/Times Canvas Link

ACG 2021 Principles of Accounting 1



ACG 2071 Principles of Accounting 2



Maxx N. 

Tuesday 4p-7p 




Thursday 4p-7p 

BSC 1005 Life Science Sarah P.

Tuesday 4:30p-6:30p

Friday 3:00p-5:00p 

BSC 1010 Biological Principles  Trinity C.  Thursday 10:30a-1:30p 

BSC 2085 Anatomy & Physiology 1 Shadi D.

Tuesday 9a-11a

Wednesday 8p-10p 



COP 2220 Introduction to Programming in C



Ella B.



Asiel W.

Sunday 1p-4p



Monday 4p-7p




ECO 2013 Macroeconomics Principles  Yohance W. Wednesday 2p-4p 

ECO 2023 Microeconomics Principles 

Jake M. 

Wednesday 7p-8p

Thursday 5p-7p 

FIN 3403 Principles of Financial Management  Daniel H. 

Tuesday 3p-4p

Thursday 2p-4p 

FRE 1120 & FRE 1121

Begining French 1

Begining French 2

Lauren A

Monday 5p-7p

Wednesday 12:30p-2:30  

MCB 2004 Microbiology for Health Service Helen G.

Wednesday 11a-1p  

PCB 3023 Cell Biology

Elizabeth A.

Thursday 11a-1p 



PCB 3063 Genetics 

Numana L.





Mattea V. 

Monday 6p - 9p

Tuesday 7p - 9p



Wednesday 5p-8p

Thursday 6p-7p 

PHY 2053 College Physics 1

PHY 2054 College Physics 2


Kristen P. 

Tuesday 8a-10a

Tuesday 8p-9p

Thursday 6p-7p 

PSB 3002 Biological Bases of Behavior 

Lauren L. 

Tuesdays 6p-7p  


QMB 3600  Quantitative Methods in Administration

Sabine B. 



Tulsi M.

Monday 6p-9p

Thursday 6p-9p


Monday 3p-5p

Tuesday 3p-5p 

SPN 1121 Beginning Spanish Language and Culture 2

Accelerated Track Professor: Rendon 


Ignacio R. 

Sunday 1p-5p

Monday 3p- 6p

Wednesday 1p-5p

Thursday 3:30p-6:30p


 Accelerated Track Professor: Rendon 





SPN 1120 Beginning Spanish Language and Culture I


Joy C.



Grace B. 


Katie L. 


Grace B. 

Monday 12p-4p

Tuesday 2pm-4pm


Tuesday 5p-7p


Wednesday 4p-7p


Saturday 1p-3p






SPN 1121 Beginning Spanish Language and Culture II


Katie L.



Grace B.


Katie L.


Carmen R. 


Grace B.


Tuesday 10a-12p

Tuesday 5p-7p


Tuesday 7p-9p 


Thursday 10a-11a


Friday 5p-7p


Saturday 3-5p 


SPN 2220 Intermediate Spanish 1

Carmen R.  

Tuesday 5p-6p  

Getting Started

If you want to join an eTutoring session in Zoom, you must first enroll in a separate eTutoring course in Canvas. You can find the self-enrollment link for your course listed above or in the email announcements sent by your course's etutor. As an online participant, you will have the same interaction that you would have in an in-person tutoring session. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the CLASS office at 561-297-0906 or email

Technology Assistance

We empower our tutors and SI leaders to assist students with the technology required to attend sessions. If you need help with the technology, your first and best option is to contact your SI leader or tutor. If you need further assistance, please try the following resources:

Zoom Guides

We use Zoom to connect online students to eTutoring and Hybrid SI sessions. The resources listed below will help you get familiar with Zoom and its associated functions so that you can get the most out of your sessions: 

More Help

If you need immediate assistance connecting to an online session, please call the FAU Help Desk at 561-297-3999. Our eSuccess staff can also provide assistance during normal operating hours and during scheduled technology literacy consultations. For eSuccess assistance, please email or call 561-297-0906. 

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