Nora Erra-Peralta

Nora Erro-Peralta                                                         

Professor and Acting Director (2011-2012)                               

Ph.D. University of Toronto

Latin American Literature



Office: SO 383 A

Dr. Erro Peralta is a professor of Latin American and Comparative Literature, and the Director of Caribbean and Latin American Studies. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and has taught at Florida Atlantic University since 1989. Her primary research is Latin American women writers. She is the co- author of Beyond the Border: A New Age in Latin American Women’s Fiction (2000); La nueva escritora hispánica (1990); and Puerta abierta: la nueva escritora latinoamericana  (1986) and has published numerous articles in national and international journals. She is currently finishing a book on the well-renowned Mexican author  Elena Poniatowska.

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