Dr. Marina P. Banchetti

Ph.D., University of Miami



Areas of Specialization

  • Phenomenology

  • Philosophy of Language

  • Philosophy of Mind

  • History and Philosophy of Science

  • History and Philosophy of Chemistry


Email: banchett@fau.edu

Office Phone: 561-297-3816


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Dr. Marina Banchetti received her Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Miami, from which she had also received an M.A. in philosophy and a B.A. in English and philosophy, with minors in history and chemistry.

Dr. Banchetti is the Florida Department of Education's Philosophy Discipline Coordinator.  In this role, she oversees the approval of all new philosophy courses for Florida's state colleges and universities and for participating private colleges and universities.

Dr. Banchetti specializes in phenomenology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and history and philosophy of science with a current focus on history and philosophy of chemistry.

Her book titled The Chemical Philosophy of Robert Boyle: Mechanicism, Chymical Atoms, and Emergence was published in July 2020 by Oxford University Press.

She is currently co-writing a book with the Italian chemist Giovanni Villani titled From the Atom to Living Systems: A Chemical and Philosophical Journey into Modern and Contemporary Science, which will be published in 2022 by Oxford University Press.

She has also published widely in journals such as Synthese, Husserl Studies, Philosophy East & West, Continental Philosophy Review, The Review of Metaphysics, and Foundations of Chemistry.  Dr. Banchetti has contributed numerous chapters to books in phenomenology and philosophy of chemistry and has co-edited two books, The Philosophies of Environment and Technology (1999) and Shifting the Geography of Reason (2007).

Dr. Banchetti has presented papers at numerous conferences and was the chief organizer of the 20th annual symposium of the International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry, which was hosted by Florida Atlantic University in Summer 2016.

In Spring 2018, she was invited by the University of Paris to conduct a seminar as part of its seminar series on the history and philosophy of chemistry.  The Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics of the University of Tartu has invited Dr. Banchetti to conduct a week-long workshop on the topic of her most recent book.


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  • Logic

  • Symbolic Logic

  • Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy

  • Early Modern Philosophy

  • Late Modern Philosophy

  • Phenomenology

  • Philosophy of Science

  • Philosophy of Mind