Dr. Garrett Mindt

Ph.D., Central European University, Budapest

Assistant Professor
Areas of Specialization

  • Philosophy of Mind

  • Metaphysics

  • Philosophy and Science of Consciousness

  • Philosophy of Information

  • Epistemology

  • Philosophy of AI

Email: gmindt@fau.edu

Office Phone: 561-297-3892


Dr. Garrett Mindt received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the Central European University, Budapest.  He specializes in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy and science of consciousness, philosophy of information, epistemology, and philosophy of AI.  He was an Honorary Fellow of the Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciouness and a Post-Doctoral Fello in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Mindt has several publications in peer-reviewed professional journals such as Neuroscience of Consciousness, Digital Consciousness, Minds and Machines, and the Journal of Consciousness Studies.  He has also given a large number of presentations at professional conferences and has several works in progress.

Dr. Mindt has been the recipient of several research grants and fellowships, including the Elizabeth R. Koch Research Fellow Grant endowed by Tiny Blue Dot Foundation for Consciousness Studies.

The department of philosophy welcomes Dr. Mindt most enthusiastically and looks forward to the excellent contributions that he will make to the department, the college, and the university.


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