Voice Audition Requirements

Undergraduate Voice Audition Requirements

Students auditioning for the Bachelor in Music Education, Bachelor in Music Performance, or Bachelor of Arts in Music are required to audition under the Traditional/Classical requirements.

Those auditioning for the Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music degree in technology, business, or composition may select the Traditional/Classical or Commercial Voice Requirements. Please be sure to see shared requirements for both.


Traditional/Classical Requirements

Perform two pieces by memory from the following category

  • An opera, operetta, cantata or oratorio aria. Can include 17th and 18th century arias
  • English, Italian, German, Spanish, or French art songs.
  • Traditional Folk Song (not pop style)
  • Musical theatre repertoire pre-1968 (can only be one of the two pieces presented)
  • Representation of two different languages is strongly recommended
  • Must include piano accompaniment

The following styles/genre are not acceptable

  • Pop
  • Gospel
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary Christian
  • Modern Musical Theatre (post 1968)
  • Any others that are not part of the traditional western art canon

Some references for traditional repertoire selection

o   Solo Voice series: First or Second Book (of soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, bass, baritone), Compiled: Boytim, Publisher: G. Schirmer

o   Lieder Anthology (Editors: Saya/Walters, Publisher, G. Schirmer)

o   Folk Songs for Solo Singers (all volumes) (editor: Althouse, Publisher, Alfred)

o   Standard Vocal Literature Series, (Editor: Richard Walters, Publisher G. Schirmer)

o   Italian Songs of the 17th and 18th Centuries (Editor: Dallapiccola, Publisher, International)

o   24 Italian Songs (Publisher: G. Schirmer), 

o   26 Italian Songs and Arias (Publisher: Alfred)

o    Music Arie Italiane  (Publisher: Ricordi)

Commercial Voice Requirements

Perform three selections from memory as indicated below

One “classical/traditional” piece

  • Follow sources under “references for traditional repertoire selection” above 
  • A musical theatre selection may not be used for this audition choice

Two commercial selections from one or more contemporary musical genres 

  • Pop, rock, R&B, country, contemporary Christian, gospel, etc., that best expresses the applicant’s unique voice and style
  • Original songs are not be permitted

Other considerations for audition performance:

  • Students may not accompany themselves regardless of the instrumentation in the selected pieces’ accompaniment.
  • Sources for vocal jazz standards include The New Real Book (Key of C) Vl. 1, 2, and 3 by Chuck Sher 

For Both Audition Options

  • Must have completed the Information Form accessible at (LINK to BLANK)
  • Complete the Statement of Future Goals at the end of the Information Form


For all degrees, live auditions are highly recommended, especially if auditioning for a merit scholarship. 


  • FAU provides a collaborative pianist. 
  • Students must report a minimum of 20 minutes prior to the audition appointment to practice with the pianist. 
  • Students must provide copies of all scores to be performed (even if backing track is used in commercial components)
  • For Backing tracks, students must have this on a USB, USBC, or Lightning plug capable device and should be a pre-downloaded, individually titled and cued track.
  • Students may opt to audition with or without a microphone; equipment will be provided.


  • Video submissions are acceptable but must be a one-take live recording of the pieces without pause. 
  • Videos must be submitted as two separate links to YouTube or Vimeo recordings with the completed Information Audition form via email to the Area Director. A Google Drive link is not acceptable.
  • Piano Accompaniment options
    • Students may not submit a recording accompanying themselves
    • Perform with a recorded piano accompaniment (backing track). This may include a recording of themselves as collaborative pianist if the skills allow
    • Record a live performance with a collaborative pianist (highly encouraged) 

Graduate Voice Audition Requirements

  • All selections must include piano accompaniment.
  • Five memorized pieces from the categories listed below.
    • Represent at least three languages in addition to English
    • One operatic aria (any style or language)
    • One German Lied
    • One French mélodie 
    • One art song in English (American or British)
    • One additional selection from any of the following:
      • Art song (any period or language)
      • Aria from operetta, zarzuela, oratorio, or opera from a different period than the aria in category 1.

If you have quesitons about appropriate selections or sources for selections, please email the Director of Choral and Vocal Area, Dr. Patricia Fleitas (pfleitas@fau.edu)