Piano Audition Requirements

Undergraduate Piano Audition Requirements

Please prepare the following repertoire for Commercial Music, Bachelor of Arts in Music, or Piano
Performance.* If you have questions regarding your repertoire choices, please contact Dr. Kofman

  • Two selections in contrasting styles from memory
  • Five major and five minor scales
  • Sight- reading

*Please note that piano majors may not enroll in the Bachelor of Music Education. Pianists who
perform as vocalists or instrumentalists are encouraged to audition in those areas if they wish to
pursue the Bachelor of Music Education, which is designed for band, orchestral, or choral public
school teaching. Pianists who wish to develop private teaching studios are encouraged to audition for
the piano performance degree. 

Graduate Piano Audition Requirements

  • Prepare two works from different eras (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, Modern, Post-Modern, etc.).
  • All works must be prepared in their entireity and must be performed by memory, with exceptions for the contemporary compositions.

Please Contact Director of Keyboard Studies Dr. Irena Kofman (ikofman@fau.edu)


Applied Teacher: Dr. Irena Kofman