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UG Research Grants

October 15 and March 15

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January 15

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Second Monday in March

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Last Friday of May

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Undergraduate Research Symposium

symposium 2016


The 12th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held on Friday, April 8th, 2022 on the Boca Raton campus!

2021 Oral Presentation Winners

"2021 Undergraduate Research Symposium Program Booklet"

Students engaged in undergraduate research and scholarly activity presented their findings either through poster/visual arts presentation or an oral/performing arts presentation.


Abstract submission opens: February 1

Deadline for abstract submission (100-150 words): Second Monday in March (March 14th, 2022)

Notification of acceptance: Two weeks after submission closes

Things to Note:

Posters will no longer be judged at the symposium, as of 2020.   If you wish to have your presentation judged, please submit your abstract for an oral presentation.

How to Apply

Please complete the online application through Survey Monkey Apply (click here for instructions). 

Instructions for Participating Students

Instructions for Oral Presentations

  • First place oral/performing arts presenters will be eligible for a prize to be awarded
  • Students are allotted eight minutes to present their findings, with an additional 2 minutes for audience questions.
  • Keep in mind that your audience may have no prior knowledge of your topic.
  • Before discussing detailed findings, situate your research within some broader context and identify early-on the research question or problem that your project aims to address (as appropriate).
  • Must have faculty mentor's approval to present.
  • Power Point presentations are encouraged so please use one of the FAU approved Power Point templates.
  • Please view the evaluation rubric to better prepare your oral presentation.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

  • Remember:  the Poster should complement your 2-4 minute elevator pitch, and should not be solely read from by the presenter.  
  • As you prepare your poster, please keep in mind that your audience may have no prior knowledge of your topic. You are encouraged to use graphs, photographs, and other visual aides to help the viewer understand your project.
  • Must have faculty mentor's approval to present.
  • The poster should be saved as three feet by four feet (36 inches by 48 inches).
  • Your banner should contain a title for your project, the authors, and your college. Use the font and color choices provided on the template.
  • Do not change the font colors and size from those in the template. Do not change the color of the background. Do not move or resize the logo.
  • The font for text within the poster should be no smaller than 32 point.
  • Please view the University approved poster templates here.
  • To better prepare your poster presentation, please attend the "Creating an Oral Poster Presentation" and "Mock Presentation" workshops  hosted by OURI Peer Mentors. 


Presentation Support for Presenters

Workshops on Creating a Poster and Oral Presentation and "Mock" Presentations

FAU's Speaking Center


Undergraduate Research Symposium Digital Collection of Posters

FAU’s Digital Library (DL) maintains a lab equipped to digitally convert materials to facilitate access to educational resources as well as for the purpose of preservation. Materials digitized include monographs, maps, documents, newspapers, pamphlets, photographs (negatives/slides), and audio and video recordings.

The DL ensures the quality of its collections by performing all digitization in house, maintaining the latest scanning hardware and software, and utilizing the expertise of skilled staff. Source materials are converted to digitally accessible files according to field standards and best practices to maximize the quality of FAU libraries digital versions.

The Digital Library will assist faculty and campus partners in the use of the FAU institutional repository and also seeks external partners to help create digital collections that will further the educational and research mission of FAU.The digital collection for FAU’s Undergraduate Research Symposia is available at this link:https://fau.digital.flvc.org/islandora/object/fau%3Augr.


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