OURI Faculty and College Incentive Fund 22-23

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) is pleased to offer a College and Faculty Incentive Program to faculty for early engagement with students in undergraduate research. The incentive funding for the 22-23 academic year is based on:

  • Faculty submitting course syllabi for Research Intensive (RI) designation for lower division and IFP courses
  • Successful completion of RI 5-Year course review
  • Departmental Challenge to increase the number of students receiving the Undergraduate Research Certificate¬†
  • Faculty mentoring students in undergraduate research using the Directed Independent Research (DIR) course code.
  • New Spring 2023 Faculty Learning Community Opportunity: Integrating research intensive activities into large lecture classes

For further information, please click HERE .

Questions can be directed to ouri@fau.edu and your College Faculty Liaisons FAU Faculty Liaisons.