Each LEARN™ student will have many mentors during their time in the program, including faculty members, staff, and upperclassmen involved in research. Each student will work with one Peer Mentor for the academic year. Our Peer Mentors are typically upperclassman who have been involved in research for at least a year, and are often times LEARN™ Alumni. Through bi-weekly meetings with the Peer Mentors, the students will get assistance in their transition to FAU, first-hand suggestions for time management , and someone to talk to who is excited about research!

LEARN ™ Peer Mentors

LEARN ™ Peer Mentors are upperclassmen who are involved in research at FAU, many of whom are alumni of the program. This is a paid student position that allows for upperclassmen involved in research to provide mentorship and support to our current LEARN ™ cohort.


  1. Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher in your major
  2. One semester or more of undergraduate research experience.
  3. Rising junior or senior (at least 60 credit hours)
  4. Planning to graduate no earlier than May of the academic year you apply
  5. Strong writing and editing skills


  1. Be an ambassador of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry to the LEARN cohort of students
  2. Attend the Peer Mentor Training Sessions (during the summer)
  3. Attend and participate in the LEARN Student Orientation
  4. Mentor a group of freshman or transfer LEARN students via peer mentor meetings (bi-weekly in the fall; monthly in the spring)
  5. Meet with the LEARN Assistant Director weekly to discuss participant success, problems, and programming needs
  6. Work closely with the LEARN Assistant Director to plan social, academic, and community events for the LEARN students
  7. Attend and serve as a teaching assistant for the LEARN Introduction to Research course
  8. Grade written course assignments and provide feedback to students throughout the semester
  9. Attend and assist with events throughout the year
  10. Work with OURI to support the LEARN Program and its mission to increase retention

Meet Our LEARN 2024-2025 Peer Mentors (Coming soon!)