Policies on the use of AI

FAU keeps a list of resources for using AI ethically, including AI tools and appropriate citation formats for a variety of disciplines. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry has additional policies on the use of generative AI, outlined below.

OURI Policy on the use of Generative AI in Submissions and Peer-review

Use of generative AI in submissions preparation

While we value intellectual property and encourage that all submissions to our programs be of original material, OURI recognizes the value of generative AI in facilitating creativity and assisting in the process of application development. Applicant writers/submitters should be transparent, and “disclose the extent to which, if any, generative AI technology was used, and how it was used to develop their proposal”. 1 Authors should take steps to avoid plagiarism in AI generated text and should cite and attribute appropriately if any materials are quoted. 2

Ultimately, applicants are responsible and accountable for the accuracy, integrity, and authenticity of their proposal submission including content developed in consideration for peer review. 

Use of generative AI by reviewers during review process

To protect the intellectual confidentiality of the proposals submitted, OURI does not promote the use of generative AI tools during the peer-review process for analyzing or formulating peer-review critiques of grant applications. Reviewers are asked to refrain from uploading any content from proposals submitted to any generative AI technology. 


This policy was adapted from NSF and NIH policies and the University of Utah’s guidance on the use of AI in research.


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NIH, "The Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence Technologies is Prohibited for the NIH Peer Review Process",  https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-23-149.html