Directed Independent Research (DIR) Designation

Directed Independent Research (DIR) courses serve as an alternative/addition to the existing DIS (Directed Independent Study) for undergraduate research documentation on student transcripts. Departments may also include a zero-credit option for DIR students, which would have no additional tuition charge.

DIR New Course Procedures

The Directed Independent Research (DIR) numbering system is being proposed specifically for students engaged in research and inquiry mentored by a faculty member as defined by the Departments and Colleges. These courses can have a variable credit option including a zero credit option (S/U grade only). The DIR specific course numbering system includes the following (course prefixes to be determined by the departments): 

  • XXX2915 (lower division for grade)
  • XXX2916 (lower division for S/U)
  • XXX4915 (upper division for grade)
  • XXX4916 (upper division for S/U)

Please note all zero-credit offerings for DIR must be for S/U grade.

Departments interested in establishing DIR courses must complete a New Course Form (here) for each new course being proposed, using the DIR course numbering system provided above. No syllabus is required for DIR courses.

Once the new course forms are approved at the Department and College level, faculty can work with the OURI Liaisons and submit the new course form directly to the University Undergraduate Programs Committee (UUPC).

For colleges interested in establishing DIR for several departments within a program, Chairs can work with your College's OURI Liaison to complete a comprehensive proposal to be submitted on behalf of the College.

RI and DIR Courses Approved List by College