Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (CSI)

The Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (CSI) is a student organization under the guidance of FAU’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry. CSI is open to FAU students in all disciplines. Opportunities sponsored by CSI include general body meetings, Meeting of the Minds events, on-campus tabling, and classroom presentations.

CSI’s goals are to:

  • promote the existing culture of undergraduate research at FAU within all disciplines
  • enhance scholarship, creativity, critical thinking and academic excellence of undergraduate students at FAU
  • encourage and foster school pride and unity at FAU.

Visit CSI’s page on Owl Central to join and learn more! Click here to view 2022-23 CSI Constitution.

Be sure to check out the undergraduate research student organization located on the Jupiter campus, the Council for Scholarship, Inquiry, Design, and Engagement (C-SIDE) Jupiter. Visit C-SIDE's page on Owl Central to join.

Get Involved!

If you would like to join CSI and get involved in research at FAU, or just learn about some fun scholarly opportunities at FAU and beyond, please e-mail to Some ways to become involved can be seen below.

  1. Become a member on Owl Central
    • Join CSI by signing on to OwlCentral and searching for CSI - then join in on the fun!
  2. Attend a general body meeting
  3. Attend a "Meeting of the Minds"- event hosted to encourage networking and engagement between faculty and students
  4. Keep up with CSI on Instagram!
  5. Become familiar with the research process

The Undergraduate Passion Expo (TUPE)

The Undergraduate Passion Expo (TUPE) is an opportunity for students to showcase their independent projects on topics they are passionate about. By encouraging undergraduates to form independent ideas, take ownership of knowledge, and synthesize complex information, the Undergraduate Passion Expo gives students the space to take a deep-dive into a ideas that ignite their curiosity while bolstering their professional network. Students can apply to present a case report, applied intervention, or discussion forum.

Submission Deadline: October 6th

Please click here to learn more.

Meet the Officers of CSI!

Title Research Interest(s) Future Goals Affiliation
President & Marketing Director:
Angel Ellis

no photo available
I am currently researching Biological Anthrolpology. My research interests include all aspects of anthropology. My goal is to graduiate with my B.A.'s in anthropology + criminal justice and the Undergraduate Research Certificate. After that, I will pursue more schooling to expand my knowledge.

Anthropolgy Club 

OURI Student Employee

Vice President:
Jaimie Yap

no photo available

2021-22 Undergraduate Researcher of the Year

Aryan Ramay

no photo available

My research involves in-vitro work on endometriosis, attempting to find out potential treatments for this gynecological disease, specifically focusing on using a multi-drug approach to treat the lesions formed by the disease.


My future goals include getting a master’s degree, and one day becoming a physician.

VITAS Healthcare Volunteer

HOSA Treasurer

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)


Joshua St Juste-Ellis

no photo available
Club Liaison:
Simone Marsh

no photo available


University Honors Program