Undergraduate Research Certificate

FAU now offers an Undergraduate Research Certificate to recognize undergraduate students for systematic development of excellence in undergraduate research.

What is the Undergraduate Research Certificate?

The Undergraduate Research Certificate is a 12-credit certificate program available to undergraduate students to recognize development of excellence in undergraduate research.

How do I Apply for the Undergraduate Research Certificate?

OURI has created a stepwise instructions document for students interesting in applying for the Certificate; these instructions can be found HERE .

ugr cert

For advisors

OURI has created a stepwise instruction document for advisors helping students apply for the Certificate. These instructions can be found HERE .

assisting students

Wilkes Honors College

 Research Certificate step-by-step instructions to apply can be found here.

Why Should I Apply for the Undergraduate Research Certificate?

  • If you have been involved in undergraduate research here at FAU, this is a great way to showcase your accomplishments.
  • The Undergraduate Research Certificate appears on a student’s transcript so employers and graduate school admission officials will notice students’ skills and achievements.
  • Employers and graduate programs seek proof of a student’s capabilities to investigate and to solve problems using critical thinking and analytical skills, to work effectively in diverse groups, to write and present effectively, to present and defend recommendations, and to act ethically.
  • The Undergraduate Research Certificate can open doors to graduate school acceptance and can provide talking points for students about research projects and accomplishments while attending FAU.

What are the Requirements for Receiving the Undergraduate Research Certificate?

Degree-seeking undergraduate students may earn the Research Certificate by completing the following requirements.

The requirements include 12 credit hours of specific coursework and a presentation.

Details on how these requirements can be met are seen in the following figure

Requirements for the URC

Research Intensive Courses

Research Intensive or RI is a formal university-wide designation for courses in which undergraduates actively engage in intensive-level research. All RI designated courses can be identified by the “RI” in the title of the course. More information about how intensive-level research is defined can be found in the OURI Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Intensive-level research assesses Synthesis & Evaluation abilities of students across all six SLOs.

The OURI Student Achievement Rubric includes examples of one student ability per SLO, with examples of how those abilities would be assessed the Intensive level.

List of  RI Designated  Courses

Directed Independent Research: Students can register for DIR credit(s) (zero to four credits) to document their semester-long work conducting faculty-mentored research on their transcripts. DIR courses fall within the “900 numbering system”, typically numbered 2915, 2916 or 4915, 4916 (some exceptions apply).

Research Skill-Building Courses

Courses such as “Research Methods” provide the skills and practices necessary and prepare students to participate in more intensive research and inquiry activities. Such skills and practices include: research deconstruction; identification and discovery of the research question or problem; reading and communication skills; information (meta-)literacy; introduction to research and ethics; problem-solving and critical thinking including interpreting information/results; employing appropriate methodologies; using technology to integrate research and inquiry into classrooms; and knowledge specific to the discipline. Students develop intermediate-level discipline-specific research and inquiry skills and more in-depth knowledge of methodologies. Learning is guided through instruction-supported advanced experiences such as research discussions and critiques; practice writing or producing specific components of scholarly work with some scaffolding; studio or laboratory training; peer review and developing project proposals. Student works at this level emphasize the refinement of novice-level knowledge and skills and/or demonstrate the development of competency in specific components of the research and inquiry process or products. Courses which receive the research and inquiry skill building designation are expected to address at least three of the six OURI SLOs , with SLO 2 - Formulate Questions being a requirement.

List of Approved Skill Building Courses

Research Exposure Courses

Research Exposure courses are introductory courses which infuse the excitement of discovery and inquiry that expose students to what research is and is not and how it is conducted. These courses generate an awareness of and appreciation for research and inquiry as a practice. Students acquire basic knowledge about current practices, literatures and works, and research and inquiry methodologies in the discipline. Learning is guided through discussion; colloquia; assignments that introduce research and inquiry concepts, processes and techniques; or other novice-level pedagogies and experiences. Student works at this level generally focus on the identification and articulation of fundamental research and inquiry content, knowledge and skills.

List of Approved Research Exposure Courses

Dissemination Presentation

Students presenting at any one of the following research symposia can get credit for Dissemination towards the Certificate:

OURI Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Wilkes Honors College Symposium

Broward Campus Symposium

Senior Engineering Design Showcase

External presentation/exhibition upon approval

Note: FAU does not have an internal summer showcase that fits with the institutional deadlines for summer graduation. If you are graduating in Summer , then it would be advisable for you to present something external during the summer and submit a waiver form with your application for the Certificate providing evidence of the external presentation.

For internal symposia presenters: Once your abstract has been accepted, you will be asked to register for a zero-credit course, IDS 4914: Undergraduate Research Forum. There will be separate course sections for students who present at the Boca, Broward, and Jupiter symposia. Details of this registration will be provided upon your abstract acceptance.

Students who have already applied for graduation will need to coordinate with their academic advisor to have their commencement hold temporarily lifted prior to adding the course.

All students who are adding this course after the registration deadline will have to submit a late registration form (here) to be able to register for the course. Once submitted, please coordinate with your academic advisor.

For the Senior Engineering Design Showcase , students will receive credit for the dissemination of their research upon successful completion of one of the following courses: CGN 4804C, EGN 4952C, EOC 4804L or EML 4551 with a minimum grade of "C." (Additional text effective spring 2023.)

For external symposia presenters: Students who present/exhibit their research and scholarly activities external to the University can receive credit for this presentation (if the student is included as a presenter at the event and can demonstrate proof of participation). There will be a separate course section of the zero-credit course IDS 4914: Undergraduate Research Forum.

Additional Stipulations

Courses that are taken as S/U grading may count toward the Certificate with a grade of pass or satisfactory, but for courses with standard grading, students must complete coursework with a minimum of “C” or better.

A maximum of 3 credits transferred can be applied to the Certificate.

Course substitutions will be reviewed by the University Undergraduate Research Curriculum Committee on a case-by-case basis.

How Will I Know if I Satisfy the Criteria for the Undergraduate Research Certificate?

Please reach out to your academic advisor indicating your interest in pursuing the Undergraduate Research Certificate, so they can update your academic record.

Note: Wilkes Honors college students, please fill out the Declaration/Change of Concentration/Minor/Certificate for WHC form

After your academic record has been updated to reflect your pursuit of the Undergraduate Research Certificate, you can run a DARS Audit: FAU - Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

For additional information students should consult with the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry ouri@fau.edu, and/or their undergraduate advisors within the Colleges.