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Benefits for Faculty Participating in Undergraduate Research and Inquiry

"Undergraduate research is a proven way to build college student success and drive innovation."

Council on Undergraduate Research

  • increases aspirations
  • increases core professional competencies
  • mentorship and relationships increases students' perception of success

Students are not the only beneficiaries of involvement in undergraduate research and inquiry; benefits to faculty have also been observed. These include enhanced mentoring and teaching, enhanced satisfaction with their career and personal development, achieved scholarly and research outcomes (e.g. presentations and publications), and integrated teaching and scholarship. Faculty who were themselves engaged in similar activities as undergraduates identify the experience as being transformational for their careers.

Articles of Interest:

Working with Minors and non-FAU students

Here you will find a series of resources for faculty who intend to work with minors and non-FAU students interested in working with them on academic or summer research projects.

Internal Resources

  • FAU Public affairs has established branding templates to facilitate creating external presentations.
  • The FAU Library has established great resources to help in you and your students' research endeavors.
  • The Graduate College and the Division of Research have put together a list of workshops for students to attend to improve their understanding of research and how to conduct a project responsibly.

External Resources

Faculty at QEP Launch event