Concentration in Biological Chemistry


Concentration Biology

The biological chemistry concentration is designed for those students who wish to go on to graduate school, medical school, or who desire to work for biotech firms, government agencies or environmental organizations. It strongly emphasizes complementary coursework from both the biology and chemistry disciplines. To promote the interconnectedness of these disciplines, students choosing a research advisor in one discipline are strongly encouraged to have their second reader from the other discipline. Our interdisciplinary curriculum will benefit students who choose to pursue graduate studies in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry.

Advisory Board:

Dr. Chitra Chandrasekhar 
Dr. Veljko Dragojlovic 
Dr. Gregory Macleod
Dr. Eugene Smith


Electives are shown below. Students concentrating in Biological Chemistry must take at least four electives totaling at least 12 credits. Two of these electives must be from Biology and two must be from Chemistry. At least one of the chemistry electives must be a course with a lab. Other FAU courses may be counted only with the prior approval of the Concentration Advisor. Students are reminded that they need 45 upper-level (3000 or 4000-level) credits to graduate. Electives should be chosen to compliment post-undergraduate plans.



Course # Course Name Credits
BSC 1010, 1010L* Honors Biological Principles with Lab 4
PCB 3063 Honors Genetics 4
PCB 4102 Honors Cell Biology 4
CHM 2045, 2045L* Honors General Chemistry I with Lab 4
CHM 2046, 2046L Honors General Chemistry II with Lab 4
CHM 2210, 2204L Honors Organic Chemistry I with Lab 4
CHM 2211, 2205L Honors Organic Chemistry II with Lab 4
BCH 3033, 3033L Honors Biochemistry with Lab 4
STA 2023* Honors Introductory Statistics 3
MAC 2311* Honors Calculus I 4
MAC 2312 Honors Calculus II 4
PHY 2048, 2048L Honors General Physics I with Lab 5
PHY 2049, 2049L Honors General Physics II with Lab 5
  4 Electives; 2 in Biology and 2 in Chemistry, with at least one chemistry lab. 12
BSC 4915/ 
CHM 4912 or 4914
Honors Research in Biology/Chemistry 3
BSC 4970 / 
CHM 4970
Honors Thesis in Biology/Chemistry 3
  Total Credits 71

* May be counted toward HC Core requirements as well 

** Change from previous version approved 9/10/2010

See also the  Biological Chemistry flowchart.




Course # Course Name Credits
MCB 3020, 3020L* Honors Microbiology with Lab 4
PCB 4024 Honors Molecular Cell Biology 3
BSC 4402L Honors Fluorescence Microscopy Lab 1
BSC 4403L Honors Biotechnology Lab 2
BSC 4930 Honors Immunology 3
BSC 4930 Honors Intro to Structural Molecular Biology 2
BSC 4930 Honors Molecular Pharmacology 3
ZOO 4742 Honors Principles of Human Neuroanatomy 3
PCB 4253 Honors Developmental Biology 3
BSC 4930 Honors Endocrinology 3
PCB 4234 Honors Biology of Cancer  3




Course # Course Name Credits
CHM 3085 Honors Environmental Chemistry 3
CHM 3121, 3121L Honors Quantitative Analysis with Lab 4
CHM 3292 Honors Chemistry of Natural Products 3
CHM 3400 Honors Introduction to Physical Chemistry 3
CHM 4135, 4135L Honors Instrumental Methods of Analysis with Lab 4
CHM 4231 Honors Spectroscopy 3
CHM 4473 Honors Quantum Chemistry


CHM 3609, CHM 3609L Honors Inorganic Chemistry with Lab


* At least one chemistry elective must be a course with a lab. Special Topics in Biology (BSC 4930) or Chemistry (CHM 4933) may be used to fulfill the Biology and Chemistry electives upon approval of the Biological Chemistry advisory board.