Faculty Directory (Alphabetical)

To reach Jupiter campus numbers (prefixed by a '6') from off campus, dial (561) 799 ****; for Boca Raton campus numbers (prefixed by a '7') dial (561) 297 ****.

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Name Title Ext. Office
Baima, Nicholas Associate Professor of Philosophy 561-440-6993 HA 125
Bernot, Kelsie Instructor of Biology 6-8044 SR 231
Cañete Quesada, Carmen Associate Professor of Spanish 561-354-9307 HC 105
Carvelli, Lucia Associate Professor of Neuroscience (Joint appt. w/ Brain Inst.) 6-8115 RF 104
Chandrasekhar, Chitra Sr. Instructor of Chemistry 561-331-4852 HC 147
Chaves Fonnegra, Andia Assistant Professor of Biology (Joint appt. with HBOI) 6-2251 SR 234/ HBOI, 137
Corr, Rachel Professor of Anthropology 6-8018 HC 102
de Lill, Daniel Instructor of Chemistry 6-8584 SR 217
Dragojlovic, Veljko Professor of Chemistry 6-8012 RF 212
Duboué, Erik Assistant Professor of Biology (Member of JLSI) 6-8054 RE 205
Earles, Julie

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs;

Professor of Psychology

561 799-8673 HC 133
Ely, Christopher Professor of History 561-352-8619 SR 202
Ferrara, Zachary Instructor of Economics 561-316-8563 HA 115
Fewkes, Jacqueline Professor of Anthropology 561- 320-7906 SR 219
Fily, Yaouen Assistant Professor of Physics 561-299-0879 HC 151
Harrawood, Michael Associate Professor of English 6-8617 SR 254
Hedetniemi, Jason Instructor of Mathematics 6-8649 SR 211
Hill, Terje Professor of Mathematics 717-739-9928 SR 207
Jakee, Keith Associate Professor of Economics 561-336-1284 HA 112
Kennedy, Ashley Graham Associate Professor of Philosophy 434-262-2605 HA 122
Lanning, Kevin Professor of Psychology and Data Science 561-594-1018 WB 213
Lemeh, Dorotha Associate Professor of Visual Art 6-8019 HA 106
Luria, Rachel

Associate Dean of Student Affairs;

Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition

6-8381 HC 106
Macleod, Gregory Professor of Biology (Member of JLSI) 6-8205 RE 212
McGovern, Warren Professor of Mathematics 561-331-2128 HC 101
Mincer, Tracy Assistant Professor of Biology/Biogeochemistry (Joint appt. with HBOI) 6-2429 SR 234/HBOI, 225
Moore, Jon Professor of Biology 6-8025 HC 175
Njambi, Wairimũ Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Sociology 6-8016 SR 204
Nur-tegin, Kanybek Associate Professor of Economics 614-259-4799 HA 123
O’Brien, William

Chair - Math and Science;

Professor of Environmental Studies

6-8033 SR 206
Perry, Justin Dean and Professor 6-8579 HC 134
Rowell, Shaina Instructor of Psychology 6-8187 SR 203
Ruest, Annina Associate Professor of Art 561-320 7853 HA 121
Schimmel, April Director, Academic Support Services, Biology 6-8677 HC 116
Smith, Eugene Professor of Chemistry 561-320-7928 HC 149
Steigenga, Timothy

Professor of Political Science

6-8610 HC 112
Strain, Christopher

Professor of American Studies

6-8017 HC 103
Tille-Victorica, Nancy Instructor of French and Spanish 561-288-0350 HA 113
Trivigno, Catherine Instructor of Biology 6-8102 HC 108
Tunick, Mark Professor of Political Science  6-8670 HC 104
Vázquez, Miguel

Chair - Humanities/Soc. Sci.;

Associate Professor of Spanish

6-8654 SR 205
Verma, Bharat

Instructor of Data Science & Analytics

6-8342 SR 208
Vernon, Laura Professor of Psychology 6-8411 HA 114
Washington, Sondra Assistant Professor of American Literature 6-8818 SR 230
Wetterer, Jim Professor of Biology 772-287-7605 HC 162


Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Ext. Office
Adam, Molly Affiliate Instructor of Science Education 6-8227 HM105
Anzures, Gizelle Affiliate Assistant Professor of Psychology 7-3368 BS 206 (Boca)
Bjorklund, Barbara Affiliate Asst Professor - Psychology N/A N/A
Buck, Lawrence Affiliate Instructor - Law N/A N/A
Capp, James Affiliate Instructor of Public Policy 7-3061 AD 322 (Boca)
Claiborne, Brenda Affiliate Professor of Biology 6-8032 RF 108
Cudic, Predrag Affiliate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry 6-8575 RF 208
Dawson-Scully, Kenneth Affiliate Associate Professor of Biology 6-8051 RE 103
Dennett, Susan Affiliate Instructor of Business Management & Leadership 6-8135 EC 202
Dickens, Nicholas Affiliate Associate Research Professor of Bioinformatics N/A N/A
Feuer, Leonard Affiliate Instructor - Law N/A N/A
Fields, Gregg Affiliate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry 6-8577 RF 211
Godenschwege, Tanja Affiliate Associate Professor of Biology 6-8055 RE 209
Gografe, Sylvia Affiliate Research Scholar of Biomedical Science 7-4233 BC 226 (Boca)
Harris, Rachel Affiliate Instructor of Environmental Studies N/A N/A
Jia, Kailiang Affiliate Assistant Professor of Biology 6-8054 RE 205
Kersten, Alan Affiliate Associate Professor of Psychology N/A WB 221
Khan, Abdul Nasir Affiliate Research Scholar of Communications N/A N/A
Krill, Jennifer Affiliate Assistant Professor of Science Education 6-8500 EC 202
Kundalkar, Rajiv Affiliate Assistant Professor of Phsyics N/A N/A
Meredith, Tricia Affiliate Instructor of Science Education 7-4486 HS 115 (Boca)
Merritt, Jordan Affiliate Instructor of Neuroscience 6-8815 EC 202N
Page-Karjian, Annie Affiliate Asst. Research Professor of Biology N/A N/A
Perrault, Justin Affiliate Asst. Research Professor of Biology N/A N/A
Persichetti, Edoardo Affiliate Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences 7-3340 N/A
Richardson, Susan Affiliate Research Assistant Professor of Biology N/A N/A
Schaefer, Adam Affiliate Research Scholar of Biology N/A N/A
Schneider, Susan Affiliate Professor of Philosophy 7-3878 N/A
Schumacher, Joseph Affiliate Instructor of Neuroscience N/A N/A
Stackman, Robert Affiliate Associate Professor of Psychology 6-8052 RE 110
Stanhope, Bethany Affiliate Instructor of Biological Sciences 6-8068 RE 214A
Yildirim, Ilyas Affiliate Professor of Chemistry 6-8325 RF 228
Young, Erica Affiliate Research Scientist - Psych & Neuroscience N/A N/A


Adjunct Faculty for 2022-2023


Name (Click to E-Mail) Office Office Hours Discipline Semester
Buck, Lawrence SR 216

Wed. 5:00-6:00pm


Judicial Process Spring 2023

Erdogan, Abdullah

SR 251

Thurs. 3:00-3:30pm, 5:30-6pm

Fri. 8:00-9:00am

Statistics Sping 2023
Farmer, Victoria SR 216

Tues. 3:20-4:20pm

remote (via Zoom) email for information here.

Comparative Politics Spring 2023
Hopkins, Christopher N/A

Mon. 5:00-7:00pm via Zoom

Email for information here.

Political Science Spring 2023
Hotiu, Angelica N/A

Mon. & Wed. 1:00-2:00pm via Zoom

Emai for information here.

Natural Sciences Spring 2023
Kelly, Warren SR 251 Mon. & Wed. 11:00am-12:20pm Humanites  Spring 2023
Lardieri, Vincent SR 216 Wed. 12:00-2:00pm Drawing Spring 2023
Malanowski, Sarah SR 251 Tues. & Thurs. 1:00-2:00pm Philosophy, Biomedical Ethics Spring 2023
Onwuha-Ekpete, Lillian SR 216 Mon. 12:00-2:00pm Natural Sciences Spring 2023
Pauletti, Rachel N/A

Mon. & Wed. 9:30-10:30am
remote (via Zoom) email for information here.

Psychology Spring 2023
Richardson, Susan HC 174 Mon. & Wed. 9:30-10:30am Ecology Spring 2023
Segura-Garcia, Iris SR 216

Thurs. 3:00-4:00pm

Fri. 11:00am-12:00pm

Genetics Spring 2023
White, Stephen AD 102

Fri. 9:30-10:00am


Physics Spring 2023
Young, Erica SR 251

Mon. 3:00-5:00pm

Neuroscience Spring 2023


Administration & Staff

Dean Dr. Justin Perry
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Julie Earles
Associate Dean of Student Affairs Prof. Rachel Luria
Mailing Address: Wilkes Honors College of FAU, 5353 Parkside Drive, Jupiter, FL 33458

From off-campus all numbers are (561) 799 ****. On campus just dial 6 and the last 4 digits.


Name (Click to E–Mail) Telephone Office   Title
Administrative Support
Anna Holmes (561) 799 8579 HC 128 Assistant to the Dean
Alex Coffman (561) 799 8620 HC 128 Coordinator of Academic Support Services
Brandon Garland (561) 799 8537 HC 145 Business Manager
Jessica Hibberd (561) 799 8665 AD 232 Development Coordinator
Faculty Support
Ayn Patrick (561) 799 8103 HC 110 Honors College Program Assistant
Honors College Academic Support

David Flanigan

(561) 799 8622 HC 132 Director of Academic Support Services
Monica Maldonado (561) 799 8647 HC 148 Director of Co-curricular Activities and Research
Honors College Lab Support

David Myers

(561) 799 8675 HC 150 Coordinator of Acdemic Support Services, Chemistry

Jill Rahaim

(561) 799 8370 HC 146 Assistant Director of Academic Support Services, Chemistry
April Schimmel (561) 799 8677 HC 170 Director of Academic Support Services, Biology
Financial Aid & Services
Chrissy Gass (561) 799 8633 SR 132 Director of Academic and Enrollment Management Services
Jolla Molinar (561) 799 8111 SR 135 Coordinator, Financial Aid
Admissions & Enrollment Management
Elyse Greenfeld (561) 799 8245 SR 118 Associate Director, Honors College Admissions
Joel Vander Horst (561) 799 8569 SR 119 Director, Admissions and Enrollment
Colleen Pettit (561) 799 8645 SR 117 Assistant Director, HC Admissions & Enrollment 
Marketing Team
Cara Perry (772) 332-0515 AD 228 Assistant Vice President for Communication, FAU Northern Campuses

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Mike Hampton (561) 799 8659 SR 285 Specialist, Computer Applications
Rob Vitale (561) 799 8035 SR 276 Specialist, Computer Applications