Honors Theses

Each Wilkes Honors College student writes an honors thesis or completes a senior project as partial fulfillment of the degree requirements. Many students find the thesis to be the most satisfying part of their college experience. While it may seem daunting to incoming freshmen, by the time students reach their senior year they have been prepared with the writing skills, depth of knowledge, and critical thinking skills to succeed. The thesis offers students the opportunity to work closely with a primary faculty advisor and a second reader on a topic of the student's choice.

All research involving any federally mandated compliance issues must be approved by the appropriate University Committee prior to any collection of data on the study. Compliance issues include: human subjects, animal subjects, infectious agents, recombinant DNA, radioactive material, x-rays, lasers, hazardous chemicals and boating/diving safety. For additional informatin, please contact the Florida Atlantic Division of Research at 561.297.0777, or visit their website.


Fall of Junior year: begin thinking of possible topic areas and faculty thesis advisors.
Spring of Junior year: talk with faculty in your area to discuss thesis options and find a primary and a secondary faculty thesis advisor. Summer before Senior year: Begin reading or research for your thesis.
Fall/Spring of Senior year: Register for thesis credits (these should total 6 credits and will typically be taken over the course of 2 semesters; if you will use them to satisfy WAC requirements then you must take 3 thesis credits at a time). Your primary advisor will tell you when your final draft of the thesis is due for grading.

3 Days prior to graduation, the student submits the
following online forms
(1) Signed thesis signature page here

(2) Student consent for thesis archiving HERE

(3) PDF version of the final thesis (as a single file that includes the unsigned cover page and all other material), using the Frevvo form, Honors College Thesis Submission Form. The pdf file must be named: Last_First_F23.pdf (for Fall 2023) and must comply with the requirements laid out in the Thesis Guidelines. The signature page will not be accepted until the Associate Dean has received the pdf version of the thesis.

                    Thesis Submission Form                                          Thesis Guidelines  

The Florida Atlantic calendar is online and indicates the dates of graduation as well as the last day to submit an application for your degree. Effective Fall 2018, theses are submitted only digitally as a pdf and not as a hard copy. 

3 days prior to graduation, the faculty advisor submits: 
(1) Faculty Consent for Thesis Archiving HERE
(2) Thesis assessment form (online, goes to the Associate Dean) HERE


Thesis Proposal Form

Past Honors Theses