Graduation ceremony Medallion 2022

Happy Graduation to all of our 2022 graduates!

Graduation ceremony Medallion 2022

Best college for the best students

Graduation ceremony Medallion 2022

Congratulations on your graduation, so very proud of you!

Graduation ceremony Medallion 2022

Best wishes for your next adventures!


Our Alumni: where are they now?!

Graduates of the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College follow their dreams all over the world. This interactive map was created to connect our graduates—past, present, and future—across the globe. We'd love to hear from you and add you to our growing list of alumni. If you are an Honors College graduate, simply email with your name, graduation date, and a brief update on your career and location and we will put you on the map!

Note: Any alumni who did not give an exact location within a country or state will appear in the middle of the country or state map.

Message from Dean Justin Perry

Justin Perry
Since we first opened in 1999, the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College has graduated over 1,300 students who I am proud to call our alumni—and we’re just getting started. After 22 years, the time has come to launch this new search tool that anyone can use to locate any of our graduates. On this website, you will not only be able to discover where in the world our alumni currently live, but you can also see what they are doing. You can further specify your search by graduation year, academic concentration, state, country, city, occupation, and the name of alumni. Enjoy your time on Mapline!

Filter the data in three easy steps:

1. Filter Your Results
filter symbol Click on the filter symbol on the left. Select the column you are filtering by. ie. Concentration.
2. Select the value.
crossout symbol All values will be checked. Click on the symbol on the left. Then select the value you are filtering by, i.e. History.
3. Apply Your Filter
checkmark symbol Click the symbol on the left. Click on the orange APPLY button. Now filter will be applied to the map.

Alumni Map