The Honors College Curriculum

The Honors College curriculum has two components, the Honors Core and the Concentration. In addition, students are expected to participate in an off-campus learning experience such as an internship or study abroad.

With the Honors Core, students take distribution courses in the liberal arts and sciences aimed at sharpening written and oral communication, enhancing problem solving skills, and developing competency in a foreign language. Another component of the Honors Curriculum is a series of interdisciplinary seminars, some of which introduce students to two of the areas of emphasis at the Honors College, international and environmental studies.

In addition to taking the Honors Core, students choose a Concentration, or major area of study, which they pursue in greater depth. These concentrations may be traditional majors such as biology, literature, mathematics, political science and psychology, or interdisciplinary programs such as environmental or international studies, law and society, Latin American studies, and American studies. Students may also design their own concentration under the guidance of faculty. For example, one might develop a concentration that draws on philosophy, politics and economics. As part of the concentration, students synthesize their skills and knowledge in producing a senior project or thesis.

Students also have the opportunity to minor, choosing from a variety of minor concentrations.