Graduate and Professional School Placement

The Wilkes Honors College opened in 1999 and graduated its first full class in 2003. Of our over 1000 alumni so far, 65% enter graduate school. Honors College students have gone on for graduate work at places such as the University of Chicago, Yale, Cal Tech, Georgetown, and MIT. In addition, about 20% of our alumni enter a graduate program at FAU, in some cases taking advantage of accelerated degree programs. When in graduate school, our alumni tell us that they are very well prepared for its rigors. Other Honors College graduates are working in business, education, the health industry, and government. Below are some of the graduate programs to which Honors College alumni have been admitted.

Florida: FAU

Non-Florida: Syracuse U.

American Studies:
Florida: FSU
Non-Florida: U. of Iowa

Florida: UF, FAU
Non-Florida: Yale, Boston University

Non-Florida: UNC Chapel Hill

Non-Florida: U. of Georgia, Washington University

Biology/Micro Biology/Cell Biology:
Florida: FAU, UM, FAU-Harbor Branch, FSU
Non-Florida: Baylor, Boston University, College of Charleston, Columbia University, Emory, Johns Hopkins, University of Michigan, UNC-Charlotte, USC, University of Kansas, University of South Carolina, Purdue, Syracuse, University of Wisconsin, University of Hawaii, University of Nebraska (Entomology), UNC-Chapel Hill

Non-Florida: U. of Hawaii

Florida: FAU, FSU, FIU, UF

Non-Florida: Syracuse, Emory

Florida:  FAU, Scripps-FL
Non-Florida: Cal Tech, U. of Iowa, Cornell, MIT, Georgia Tech., U. of Michigan, U. of Washington, Texas A&M, UC-Berkeley, U. of Virginia, Penn State

Florida: FAU
Non-Florida: U. of Minnesota

Computer Science:
Florida: FAU

Criminal Justice:  
Florida: UM, FL Metropolitan U.

Florida:  FSU, FAU
Non-Florida: U. of Indiana, George Mason, Syracuse 
Non-US: London School of Economics

Florida:  FAU, FSU
Non-Florida: Chicago School of Professional Psychology, U. of Tennessee 
Non-US: U. of British Columbia

(Nuclear) Non-Florida: US Naval Academy, UC Berkeley
(Chemical) Florida: UF
(Environmental) Non-Florida: Cornell

English, Creative Writing, Literature:
Florida:  FAU, UF, UWF
Non-Florida:  U. of Minnesota, Loyola-Chicago, Sarah Lawrence, Syracuse, U. of Iowa, U. of Connecticut, SUNY-Stony Brook, Brown
Non-US: London University of Durham (U.K.), University of Kent (U.K.), University of British Columbia, King’s College (U.K.), U. of St. Andrews (Scotland)

Environmental Studies :  
Florida: Nova Southeastern, UF, Florida Institute of Technology, USF
Non-Florida: Yale, U. of Indiana, College of the Redwoods, Johns Hopkins, St. Louis U.

Film/Media Studies:  
Florida: UF-Documentary Institute
Non-Florida: MIT, Wake Forest

Florida: FAU

Graphic Design:
Non-Florida: U. of Baltimore

History :
Non-Florida: Columbia, Howard, San Jose State, U. of Mississippi
Non-US: London School of Economics (U.K.), U. of Leicester (U.K.), U. of Heidelberg (Germany)

International Relations/Studies:  
Non-Florida: U. of California-San Diego, U. of Washington-Jackson School

Non-Florida: NYU

Languages and Linguistics:  
Florida: FAU

Florida: FSU, UF, UM, FIU, Barry, Nova Southeastern, Stetson
Non-Florida:  American University, Boston College, Georgetown, George Washington University, Capital University, Case Western Reserve, University of Vermont,  Hofstra, University of Montana, George Mason, Cardozo Law, Pepperdine, University of Alabama, University of Georgia, Thomas M. Cooley Law, Syracuse, Michigan State, Wake Forest

Library Science:  
Non-Florida: Simmons College

Marine Sciences:  
Florida: FAU-Harbor Branch
Non-Florida: Cornell University (Aquaculture), Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences at College of William and Mary, College of Charleston, U. of Connecticut

Florida: FSU, UF, FAU
Non-Florida: Bowling Green State, U. of Nebraska-Lincoln, North Carolina State, UNC-Chapel Hill, Texas A&M, Kent State, SUNY-Stony Brook (Dept of Physics and Astronomy), Washington U. (Biostatistics), U. of Georgia (Bioinformatics), U. of Colorado Denver, U. of California Merced

Meteorology/Earth and Atmospheric Studies:  
Florida: FSU
Non-Florida: Georgia Tech.

Museum Studies:  
Non-Florida: Syracuse

Florida: FAU, U. of Miami 
Non-Florida: U. of Wisconsin-Madison, U. of Chicago, U. of Virginia

Performing Arts/Theatre:
Florida: Florida School of the Arts
Non-Florida:  NYU

Non-Florida:  Marquette University

Physics :
Non-Florida: NYU, Georgia Tech., SUNY-Stony Brook, U. of Michigan, UNC Chapel Hill

Political Science:
Florida: UF, FSU, USF
Non-Florida: Georgetown, American, George Washington, Loyola-Chicago, Seton Hall
Non-US: U. of the Virgin Islands

Florida: UCF, FAU, FSU, Nova Southeastern, USF
Non-Florida: U. of Chicago, George Washington, Indiana State, Tulane, UNC-Charlotte, U. of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth, U. of Wisconsin, William and Mary, Penn, U. of Tennessee, U. of Michigan, U. of Plymouth
Non-US: Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)

Public Administration:
Florida:  FAU

Rabbinic Studies :
Non-Florida: American Jewish University

Russian and Eastern European Studies:  
Florida: FSU

Social Work:
Non-Florida: FAU

Social Ecology:
Non-Florida: Yale

Non-Florida:  SUNY-Stony Brook, U. of Chicago

Non-Florida: Nazarene Theological Seminary

Urban Planning:
Florida: FAU, UF
Non-Florida: U. of Michigan

Women’s Studies:
Florida: FAU, FIU, UF
Non-Florida: U. of Michigan

Health Professions

Florida: Nova Southeastern
Biomedical Sciences:
Florida: FAU, UF, USF, Barry U.
Non-Florida: Drexel U. Johns Hopkins 

Non-Florida: Palmer College of Chiropractic Medicine

Florida: UF, Nova Southeastern 
Non-Florida: Howard, Tufts

Florida: UF
Non-Florida: U. of Wisconsin
Non-Florida: Johns Hopkins

Health Administration:   
Florida:  FAU

Non-Florida: U. of Michigan

Florida: UF, FSU, UM, Nova Southeastern, USF, UCF, FIU, FAU
Non-Florida: Cleveland Clinic, Cornell, Harvard, Vanderbilt, NYU, Howard, Chicago Medical School, U. of South Carolina, Boston U., Rosalind Franklin Medical School, Georgetown, Tulane, Tulane MD/PhD Program, SUNY-Upstate, Medical College of Wisconsin, Northwestern
Non-US: St. Matthew's (West Indies), St. George's (Grenada), U. of the West Indies (Jamaica), SABA University School of Medicine (Netherlands-Antilles), University of Navarra (Spain)

Mental Health Counseling and Rehabilitation:
Florida: USF, Palm Beach Atlantic, UCF, UM
Non-Florida: Northeastern

Florida: FAU
Non-Florida: Johns Hopkins, Santa Fe College

Florida: Nova Southeastern
Non-Florida: Illinois College of Optometry, Ohio State U

Florida: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Non-Florida: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Non-Florida: U. of Illinois-Chicago

Florida: UF, Nova Southeastern
Non-Florida: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Physicians Assistant:
Florida: Nova Southeastern
Non-Florida: Touro U.

Public Health:
Florida:  FSU, UF, UM
Non-Florida: UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Emory University (joint Epidemiology/Environmental Health program)

Veterinary :
Florida: UF
Non-Florida: Michigan State University, Auburn University
Non-US: Massey University (NZ)

Honors College of FAU Graduate Placement

Honors College of FAU Graduate Placement

Honors College of FAU Graduate Placement

Honors College of FAU Graduate Placement