February 26, 2014

University Graduate
Programs Committee Agenda
Time: 2:00 pm Place: SU 80 Room 113
1) Call to Order, Sign In, and Introductions
2) Brief announcements and discussions
3) Review and Apporoval of Minutes of the January 22, 2014 meeting
4) Review and Action Regular the Following Curriculum Proposals

New items for February 26, 2014 below
Course Title College (Department) Credit Action
  Reviewers by College: (Science, Library)      
Proposal Doctor of Social Work CDSI N/A N/A
  Reviewers by College: (Medicine, Business, Engineering)      
EVS 5385 Image and Video Processing and Vision in Marine Environment Science 3 New
PCB 6026 Marine Molecular Biology Science 3 New
PCB 6050 Marine and Estuarine Community Dynamics Science 3 New
PCB 6457 Advanced Multivariate Biometry Science 3 New
PCB 6776 Histology of Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates Science 4 New
OCB 6266 Coral Reef Ecosystems Science 3 New
OCB 6266L Coral Reef Ecosysytems Lab Science 1 New
OCB 6673 Data Processing and Modeling of Marine Systems Science 3 New
BSC 6344 Sensory Biology & Behavior of Fishes Science 3 New
BSC 6613 Biology of Sharks and their Relatives Science 3 New
BSC 6530 Advances in Finfish Aquaculture Science Science 3 New
OCE 6455 Physical and Geological Oceanography Science 3 New
ZOO 6556 Aquatic Animal Health Science Science 3 New
ZOO 6695 Bivlave Biology and Physiology Science 3 New
  Reviewers by College: (Nursing, CDSI)      
Program Change Master of Arts in Media, Technology and Entertainment A&L N/A Change
Program Change Master of Arts with Major in Communication A&L N/A Change
DIG 6126 Interactive Interface Design A&L 4 New
DIG 6551 Programming for Interactivity A&L 4 New
FIL 6021 Film History and Historiography A&L 3 New
FIL 6365 Video Production Workshop A&L 4 New
FIL 6475 Experimental Cinema A&L 4 New
MMC 6440 Exhibition Practices in Film, Video, and New Media A&L 4 New
MMC 6707 Creating Interactive Culture A&L 4 New
Program Change Master of Music/from Master of Arts A&L N/A N/A
Memo Master of Music/Electives A&L N/A N/A
MUS 6190 Graduate Orchestral Repertoire A&L 3 New
MUS 6623 Graduate String Pedagogy A&L 3 New
MUL 6436 Graduate Classical Guitar Literature A&L 2 New
MVS 6650 Graduate Classical Guitar Pedagogy A&L 2 New
MUO 6505 Opera Workshop A&L 1 New
MUO 6507 Opera Workshop II A&L 1 New
MUL 6671 Survey of Opera Literature A&L 2 New
MVV 6662 Graduate Vocal Pedagogy II A&L 1 New
MVV 6652 Graduate Vocal Pedagogy A&L 2 Change
MUT 6346 Advanced Commercial Arranging A&L 2 Change
LIT 6900 Reading for Comprehensive Exams A&L 3 New
Program Change Master of Arts/ Elimination “Creative Writing” A&L N/A N/A
FLE 5892 Foreign Language Teaching Practicum A&L 3 Change
  Reviewers by College: (A&L, CDSI)      
Program Change Counselor Education/ Deadlines Education N/A N/A
Program Change M.Ed. in C & I /Multicultural Education N/A N/A
Program Change M.Ed in C &I/ ESOL Education Education N/A N/A