Students who are interested in being part of the ILHP must meet the following criteria:

  • Two ILHP workshops (EGS 3030 and EGS 4031; one per semester, 1 credit hour each, S/U Grading). Each ILHP student is required to register for these workshops during the first year of the ILHP program. The workshop format is already developed for the past three years. The workshops emphasize the elements of leadership and leadership development with the involvement of team projects and hands-on activities. The workshop sequence of 1-credit is part of our current ILHP.
  • Enrichment Experience (EGS 4942, 1 credit hour, research service or others S/U Grading). Each ILHP student is required to complete the internship during the ILHP program, where the student willhave a leadership role on a team-based project. The Division of Engineering Student Services at the College of Engineering and Computer Science; and the FAU Career Development Center will assist placing students in engineering internships.A written report and oral presentation of their work and experience is required.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ENT 4024, 3 credit hours). Each ILHP student is required to complete the existing course during the first year inthe ILHP. The contents of the course include the principle of creativity, critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, business and financial plans, and marketing. Students will develop and present to potential sponsors a proposal for a venture-funded team project. The course is part of the current ILHP.
  • A College ILHP day every semester (including the first year and second year group gathering and sharing information and insights into academic and professional activities).
  • All ILHP students (except Computer Science majors) must be actively involved in and provide leadership to any of the student clubs/societies of their choice.
  • All ILHP students must either present or participate in FAU Undergraduate Research Symposiums.
  • All ILHP students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25.
  • An ILHP student must take one of the following two course options, depending upon his/her designated major:

    Honors Directed Independent Study (EGN 4906, 3 credit hours)

    • Allows an Ocean and Mechanical Engineering ILHP student to carry out collaborative research projects in the Innovations and Leadership Laboratory. The projects will enable students to investigate multi-disciplinary, open-ended problems with systematic design and development plans. This course can be counted as a Technical Elective for the Mechanical Engineering program but not for the Ocean Engineering program;
    • Allows a Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering ILHP student to carryout an honors practical project supervised by a department faculty member and a department Advisory Board member. Successful completion of the project includes, but is not limited to, a final presentation and a conference paper or poster submission. This course can be counted as a 3-credit Civil Engineering Technical Elective;
    • Allows a Electrical Engineering & Computer Science ILHP student to perform a one-semester mini-research or mini-project guided by one department faculty member. To facilitate this, all department faculty members provide their Honor DIS topics ahead of time and post them on the department website. At the end of the semester, the student is expected to turn in a paper or an extended technical report.This course can be counted as a 3-credit Technical Elective.

    Honors Undergraduate Thesis (EGN 4972, 3 credit hours)

    • A Electrical Engineering & Computer Science ILHP student who chooses this course must find a thesis advisor who will be his/her main guide in a basic or applied research project. The student and the advisor will jointly form a three-member thesis committee (consisting of at least one more CEECS department faculty member). It is the student's responsibility to take the leadership role in organizing his/her thesis defense. The submitted thesis must be bound and be in a format similar to the FAU Master's theses.This course can be counted as a 3-credit Technical Elective.