Graduate Assistantships

Are you a graduate student looking for a job? Are you seeking professional skills or to gain experience in higher education? Looking for tuition vouchers? 

The CLASS office could be the place for you! We have a limited number of graduate assistantships that are periodically available. These include GA positions for administrative areas (best suited for educational leadership or higher education majors) and GA positions for content areas (including business and science).

Graduate assistantships require a 20 hour per week, per semester commitment and may include up to: 9 credit hours of in-state tuition waivers, plus an hourly rate. 



If you have any questions about graduate assistantships or becoming a GA, please contact:
Patrick Dempsey, Director of Academic Support Services
email: phone: 561-297-3590


Guy Andrew Burns, Asst. Director of Academic Support Services
email: phone: 561-297-3013.