Upcoming Events (2022)

Symposium: Performing Freedom in the Luso-Hispanic World.  (Forthcoming on April14-16, 2022)

Hugo Achugar ( poet, ensayist, and researcher) presentation at FAU (Forthcoming on March 23, 2022)


 Recent Events (2021)

- Graduate Students Colloquium: "African Diaspora in Latin America Graduate Student Colloquium." Keynote Speaker: Dr. Agnes Lugo-Ortiz (University of Chicago). November 8, 2021.

- Guest speaker series: Conversations on racial politics and social justics in Latin America and the Caribbean:

Conversation 1:

Dr. Vanessa Valdés (City College odf New York). "A Case for Afro-Latinx: The Towering Example of Arturo A. Schomburg." February 17, 2020. 

Conversation 2:

Dr. Nick Jones (Bucknell University) “Staging Habla de Negros in Early Modern Spain.” March 4, 2020.

Conversation 3:

Dr. Cesar Thomas Castilho (Vanderbilt University) "Breaking the Silence: The Black Press, Abolition, and Brazilian Citizenship, ca. 1876." March, 31 2021.

Conversation 4:

Dr. Aisha Finch (UCLA) “In Sugar's Time: Temporality, Violence, and Fugitivity in the Plantation World of Nineteenth-Century Cuba.” September 30, 2021.

Conversation 5:

Dr. Benita Sampedro Vizcaya, Hofstra University (New York) “Theories of confinement and freedom in the 19th century Iberian Black Atlantic." October 15, 2021

Conversation 6:

Dr. Agnes Lugo-Ortiz (University of Chicago) "Figures of Liminality: Women, Portraiture and Enslavement at the Thresholds of Emancipation." November 8, 2021.

 -  Division of Research Talk:  

Dr. Nuria Godón (FAU) "La figura del indiano." September 16, 2021

 -  Film series / Mediterranean Movement: Retorno a Hansala / Return to Hansala (2008) by Chus Gutierrez. March 24, 2021.

 -  Other collaborations and interrelated areas in the field of Hispanic cultural studies: " Corridos Visuales: Tradition & Innovationin LatinX Printmaking" February 13th-April 10th, 2020.