Placement Chart Based on High School Language Coursework (or equivalent)
·         0-1 year prior college: Enroll in SPN 1120 / FRE 1120 
·         2 years prior college: Enroll in SPN 1121 / FRE 1121
·         2 or 3 years prior college: Enroll in SPN 2220 / FRE 2220
.         3 or 4 years or more prior college: Enroll in SPN 2221 / SPN 3400
                                                                            FRE 2221 / FRE 3400
In general, a one-semester language course at college equals one year of high school coursework.
Spanish Heritage Track
·         0-2 years prior college: Enroll in SPN 1340 
·         2-3 years prior college: Enroll in SPN 2341 
.         3 or more years  prior college: Enroll in SPN 3343 



Unless you have never taken Spanish/French prior college, all students must take the placement exam to ensure proficiency level before attending the first class session.

Honor Code
Students taking these placement exams:
-       will not misrepresent their level of linguistic competence
-       will not use dictionaries, translators or other language materials
-       will not accept help from anyone while taking this test
-       will not record any of the test material
-       will also not offer help to anyone else taking this test
Placement exam procedure instructions
-       Go to WebCAPE Placement Exam
-       Create an account and log in
-       Take the test (20-25 minutes)
-       Enroll in the right course level based on your results

Score: 0-295 > French 1120 / Spanish 1120
Score: 296 - 349 > French 1121 / Spanish 1121
Score 350 - 439 > French 2220 / Spanish 2220
Score 440+ > French 2221 / Spanish 2221 
When you are finished, enroll in the course into which you have tested base on your results. If you place in a different level other than the course in which you are currently enrolled, please drop this course and register in the correct level. Following this scale is essential to ensure students optimal language training for their proficiency level and consistency across students in each class.
Note: If you place into SPN 2220/2221 and experience any problem to register, please e-mail the instructor of the course your placement results. Instructor’s email is available in the course schedule system here. Still need help? Contact Dr. Nuria Godon at ngodon@fau.edu.

What is the Spanish Heritage track? Why is it separate from the regular track?
How do I know if I am a heritage learner of Spanish?
I grew up around Spanish
Did you grow up hearing Spanish at home or in other social settings (even if you were educated entirely in English)? If so, you have access to the placement test for Spanish Heritage Learners.
Placement exam procedure instructions
-       For Spanish Heritage Placement test: email Dr. Godón at ngodon@fau.edu the following message:                                                                          “I request an invitation to take the Spanish Heritage placement test”
-       You will get an invitation to take the placement test
-       The Spanish Program will contact you with the final results
-       Enroll in the right course level based on your results
0-46 > SPN 1340 Beginning Spanish
47-66 > SPN 2341 Intermediate Spanish or SPN 2160 Spanish for Carreers: Health Care Professionals
67-86 > SPN 3343 Advanced Spanish and/or SPN 3500, or SPN 3501
87+ > SPN 3030, and/or SPN 3500, or SPN 3501

Note: If you are part of the Honors College (Jupiter), please contact Dr. Carmen Cañete Quesada at ccaneteq@fau.edu or Nancy Tille-Victorica at ntillevictorica@fau.edu