Degree Options

The graduate program in Spanish provides advanced study of Spanish and Spanish language literature, culture, and linguistics. In both thesis and non-thesis tracks, all students take two core seminars in Critical Theory and the History & Dialectology of Spanish, followed by a series of seminars tailored to each student's goals and chosen from among graduate electives. The range of courses extends from medieval to contemporary literature and culture. Our graduate classes can be attended remotely upon request. 

The M.A. in LLCL: Spanish with thesis requires a minimum of 30 credits, including 6 credits for thesis work. (Checklist) (Reading List)

The M.A. in LLCL: Spanish without thesis requires a minimum of 36 credits, and requires a written comprehensive exam. (Checklist) (Reading List)

The M.A. in LLCL: Teaching of Spanish, for students wishing to teach in the public schools (K-12) or community colleges, combines course work in literature and culture with a teaching practicum, courses in such areas as Electronic Media and Foreign Language Pedagogy, and a teaching internship in the department. (See Course Checklist below) The M.A. in LLCL: Teaching of Spanish does not require a thesis; but does requires a minimum of 36 credits, including course work in foreign language pedagogy, and requires a final, written comprehensive exam. (Checklist) (Reading List)

The M.A. in LLCL: Comparative Literature entails study of two literatures in the original languages, or the combination of literary studies in one language's tradition, combined with another complementary discipline, such as film studies, philosophy, visual arts, literary theory, etc. This degree is attractive for those interested in working with two different traditions (Spanish and French, for example) or combining the study of the Spanish literary tradition with a concentration in Translation Studies, Literary Theory, or Visual Studies, etc.

The Ph.D. in Comparative Studies provides students the opportunity to further their studies in Spanish and Latin American literature and culture by combining advanced study in the field with a complementary discipline. Ph.D. students can affiliate with the Spanish Studies program through teaching assistantships and course work. For more information, visit /artsandletters/comparativestudies

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