Internships are extremely important for students pursuing careers in Communication. The School of Communication & Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University has a diverse internship program to allow students to gain practical experience in a wide range of communication-related fields. The internships are designed to enrich the curriculum and
to assist students in exploring various career options.

COM 3945 - Communication Internship - is a three credit course offered during the fall and spring semesters. COM 3945 is a majors only course that can be used in the Contexts section of the Communication Studies major and in the Production and Focus sections of the Multimedia Studies major. Summer internships, for elective credit, can be arranged through the Cooperative Education Internship Program located in the Career Development Center.

Internships for credit are subject to the policy guidelines adopted by the School's faculty, explained below. Students must first meet the eligibility requirements to qualify for admission to the program. Enrollment in COM 3945, Communication Internship, is a privilege reserved for majors who distinguish themselves as above-average students. The School is able to procure better quality placements because employers are interested in carefully pre-screened candidates. Participation is based upon academic merit, not merely undergraduate longevity. Limited enrollment allows for careful internship supervision.

Attendance at an internship workshop is mandatory for all students interested in pursuing internship placements.
Eligible students will be formally enrolled for credit hours in COM 3945 only after attending the appropriate workshop.

The internship program offers placements in media industries that match the goals of the BA in Multimedia Studies, and community organizations and not-for-profit agencies that match the goals of the BA in Communication Studies.

The dates of the Fall 2017 internship workshops will be announced soon.

No reservation is required to attend a workshop.