Dr. Katharina Rynkiewich

Thursday, Feb 08, 2024
New faculty member Katharina Rynkiewich

Faculty Profiles

Adriana Dr. Adriana Garriga-López is a cultural anthropologist and Caribbeanist originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her research examines how people in the Caribbean respond and adapt to non-ideal ecologies in the Anthropocene. She's driven by a humanistic interest in the imbrication of public health and decolonization.


Katharine Dr. Katharine Napora is an environmental archaeologist specializing in coastal societies. Her work combines information from tree rings, shells, animal bones, radiocarbon dating, and chemical analyses to understand better how people interacted with North America's and Europe's Atlantic coastlines. Napora is passionate about advancing heritage science methodologies, developing collaborative, interdisciplinary projects, and using information about the ancient past to improve sustainability, resilience, and social justice in the 21st century.

Katharina Dr. Katharina Rynkiewich is an anthropologist of health and medicine who studies the social and cultural dynamics of antibiotic prescribing practices in the United States. Dr. Rynkiewich has conducted extensive ethnographic research among medical professionals in North American settings ranging from academic medical centers to skilled nursing facilities. Her most recent research focuses on regional networks of medical care that include the outpatient prescription and use of antibiotic medicines.

JessicaA Post-Doctoral Scholar, Dr. Jessica Dickson is an anthropologist of film, media, and technology. Her current research explores the changing social worlds of international film and television production, with a focus on ‘global Hollywood's’ expansion in South Africa. Her broader interests include the social impact of new visual technologies, the production of science fiction cinema, postcolonial urbanism, and imaginaries of the future.