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SLS 1410: FAU iSucceed

FAU is committed to your successful transition to college.
All first-year students who are starting in one of FAU’s Summer Pathway programs or who enroll in a Freshman Interest Group (FIG) during the Fall semester (see below) will be enrolled in SLS 1410: FAU iSucceed during their summer semester.
FAU iSucceed is a fully online zero-credit course that taps into the mindset, motivation, and strengths that will help you thrive at FAU. This self-paced course introduces you to FAU offices and services, helps you find the strategies that lead to success in your courses, and introduces you to skills that will ease your transition to college.
Please note, previous exposure to a non-FAU SLS course will not wave this requirement.
Students who took the course this summer describe their experience as boosting their confidence, increasing their comfort in navigating FAU virtually and in-person, and introducing them to new study strategies that they could put to use immediately.
Most students described being able to complete the work in 30-60 minutes per week.
For more information on FAU's Student Success classes, please visit: FAU's Student Success Classes


SLS 1410: FAU iSucceed as Part of the FIG Program

If you choose to join a First-Year Interest Group (FIG) for your fall semester, you will take an 8-week class that meets once a week in-person as well as the online FAU iSucceed course. You will earn 1-credit with the successful completion of both courses (the FIG Course and FAU iSucceed). 
Joining the FIG program will give you a strong start on your academic jouney at FAU.
The FIG @ FAU program starts in the Fall semester and is available for students who start FAU in both the Summer and Fall semesters.
*If you enrolled in the summer semester and successfully completed SLS 1410, you will not need to repeat the on-line lessons through FAU iSucceed, but you will still participate in all of the face-to-face classes in your college-specific FIG.
For more information on the FIG program, visit: FIG Program Information


Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information:  FAU iSucceed FAQs 
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