IBC Training Requirements

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All lab personnel working on the project for which there is a request for an IBC Registration must provide documentation for and maintain current training:

Type of Work IBC Training EHS Training
All Laboratory Work Initial Biosafety Training
(Note: Basic Introduction to Biosafety is NOT required)
Work with Animals Not required for IBC. See IACUC requirements. https://www.fau.edu/ehs/training/
Field Work with Animals Not Required for IBC. See IACUC requirements. https://www.fau.edu/ehs/training/
Work with Recombinant DNA NIH Recombinant DNA Guidelines
Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) (as appropriate)

The CITI courses are valid for a period of three years following completion and must be recompleted after expiration. No refresher course is available at this time. The CITI NIH Recombinant DNA Guidelines course is required for the Principal Investigator only. The CITI Initial Biosafety Training course is required for all personnel.

The Initial Biosafety Training offered through the CITI program is a 14 module course encompassing biosafety areas such as biohazard risk assessments, risk management, disinfection and sterilization among others.

To add this course to your CITI account:

  • Login to your CITI account at https://citiprogram.org
  • Click on the "View Courses" button next to Florida Atlantic University.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Add a Course."
  • For Question 1, select the "Biosafety/Biosecurity (BSS)", option and click the "Next" button.
  • For Question 7, select the "Initial Biosafety Training" course option and click the "Next" button.