Research Analytics

What we do

The office of Research Analytics provides research and sponsored projects reporting, analyses and strategic decision support for the FAU Division of Research. Our work products can be categorized into:

  • Routine reporting that is insightful for reviewing, planning and decision making.
  • Strategic analyses for trends and national benchmarking.
  • Landscape analysis for goal setting and performance review.

Scope of Work

Data is used from grantsERA and Novelution for reports and analysis for the Sponsored Programs Office. 

In addition to sponsored project reporting, Research Analytics also provides research activity reporting. All research activity is reported in the National Science Foundation HERD survey. The office of Research Analytics uses the National Science Foundation HERD survey along with NIH and The Carnegie Foundation data for much of our reports and analysis for the purposes of planning and strategic goal setting by leadership.

The scope of work for any project is comprised of three phases.

  1. Is the data gathering phase. This phase is where most of the project time is spent. Data has to be gathered and collated. The data must also be ‘cleaned’. Phase one allows for the proper use of the data in the following phases.
  2. Another phase where time is invested into building the reports that can be derived from the collated data. By using a professional analyst lens, the data can be displayed in various formats and visualizations, which allows the user viewer to grasp the breadth of the data.
  3. Publishing the data report(s) is the third and final phase of a report analysis project.

A Decade of FAU Awards per College

vertical bar chart - A Decade of FAU Awards per College

Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Competitive intelligence (CI) is the process of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data to provide insights that contribute to an organization’s competitive edge. Competitive Intelligence supports leadership, investigators, faculty, staff and other stakeholders in making strategic decisions to strengthen FAU’S portfolio. Many of the reports we publish are CI reports.

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