Human Research Mandatory Training

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Please Read Carefully

CITI the Collaborative Inter-Institutional Training Initiative provides access to courses that are designed to be used by institutions and organizations to provide comprehensive training in a variety of areas such as Institutional Review Board (IRB), Good Clinical Practices, Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and other areas.

Human Subjects Research (IRB) Training Requirements

CITI has been the standard human subjects protections training module at Florida Atlantic University since October 2006. All FAU researchers conducting research that involves human subjects must complete the CITI online training. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) will not approve your application to conduct research involving human subjects if you have not completed this federally mandated training requirement.

During registration you will also be asked to select the Learners Group most relevant to your research discipline. You will select from the following:

Required (select one):

  • Biomedical Research Investigators 
  • Social & Behavioral Research Investigators

Additional (in addition to one of the required courses above):

  • Information Privacy & Security (IPS) for Investigators
    • If accessing private records where HIPAA applies

If you know what training courses you are required to take, access the CITI IRB Training courses by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. As a new user, you will need to click Register Here to register for the training course
  3. Select " Florida Atlantic University" from the Participating Institutions and click submit
  4. Create a unique username and password and click " submit"
  5. Enter your personal information ( first name, last name, e-mail) and click submit
  6. Continue entering additional information ( gender, degree, etc.) and click submit
  7. You should now be able to access the training courses menu as noted above, choose the learner group specific to your discipline. RCR training is not a mandatory requirement for submitting an IRB protocol application.

You will have the opportunity to print a Training Certificate upon completion of the training course and exam. You are advised to print this certificate and keep an original for your records.

Submitting CITI Certificates in IRBNet

You will have the opportunity to save & print a completion certificate once you finish your CITI course. It is recommended that you save it as a .pdf file. Once you have saved it on your computer, you must upload it to your IRBNet "user profile." For assistance, click here.

NOTE: All CITI course offerings are on a three-year renewal cycle.

This means that a refresher course will be due three years after you first complete a course. CITI will send you emails to remind you when a refresher course is due.  It is important to adjust your email privacy settings so that you can receive these important emails.