IBC Registration

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The IBC Registration Process has Moved to SciShield (Formerly BioRAFT):


To register your project with the IBC:

  1. Contact the IBC coordinator to flag your laboratory as a handler of biohazardous materials in SciShield: adonovan@fau.edu.
  2. You will receive an email from SciShield detailing the process for registering with the IBC.
  3. PIs may delegate the registration process to another laboratory member.
  4. Answer the questions in SciShield following the prompts.
  5. To submit the registration, the PI must certify the data by clicking on the “certify” button on the Biological Summary page and initialing the statements.

All laboratories at Florida Atlantic should be registered in SciShield through EH&S.


As of October 1, 2021, all new and renewed IBC registrations must be submitted through SciShield.

All existing IBC registrations are valid until their listed expiration dates.