Purchasing Card


The VISA Purchasing Card (pCard) program is available at Florida Atlantic University. A VISA Purchasing Card gives an individual the convenience of purchasing commodities without standard Purchase Orders, Limited Purchase Orders or Blanket Purchase Orders. Currently, the University pays the same overhead cost associated with the purchase of small items as it does for complex purchases. The Purchasing Card was designed to handle and expedite small orders in an efficient manner with a significant reduction in overhead.

Deans, Directors and Department Heads can request cards for certain individuals and stipulate how they are used by controlling spending limits and commodity codes. It should be noted that purchases with the pCard are unencumbered transactions until they are paid.

Individuals interested in becoming a pCard Cardholder or Approver/Reconciler must attend an online training course. 

To apply for a pCard, please use the Online Forms from the menu.

For additional questions/comments, please contact pcard@fau.edu.