Staff Assignments

Procurement Staff and Their Responsibilities

The following is a contact list for all Procurement Team Members, located throughout the University community: Current Assignments 

Buyer Assignment by Spend Category

Boca Raton Campus Procurement Staff: Purchases/Payables

Maria Bimonte-Yerganian, Director of Procurement

Melodi Ramtallie, Associate, Director of Procurement - Purchases

Ailene Dionzon-Finelli – Assistant Director of Procurement – Payables  

Sean Cunningham, Procurement Coordinator - Purchases

Adam Kleinrock, Procurement Coordinator - Purchases

Gianella Diaz, Procurement Coordinator - Payables

Lina Gabriela Jaroslavsky, Supplier Coordinator

Audrey Robinson, Sr. Procurement Agent - Purchases

Brittnay Lyttle, Sr. Procurement Agent - Purchases

Deborah White, Purchasing Agent

Juliana Torres, Fiscal Assistant -Payables

Renee Vears, Fiscal Assistant-Payables

Symone Royal, Fiscal Assistant- Payables

Nadine Lilley, Fiscal Assistant - Payables

Jennifer Mendoza, Fiscal Assistant- Payables

Broward Campus Procurement Staff:

Santosh Jacob, Assistant Director/Finance Services, Broward Campuses - Purchases
Davie Campus
(954) 236-1240

Harbor Branch Procurement Staff:

Michele Hall,
Senior Fiscal Assistant, Harbor Branch - Payables

Harbor Branch Campus
(772) 242-2219

Randy Gross,
Purchasing Manager, Harbor Branch - Purchases

Harbor Branch Campus
(772) 242-2213

For additional question/comments related to specific buying areas, please contact