Support for Faculty Teaching Research Intensive Designated Courses

The intent of the RI-FLC was to provide an opportunity for faculty and instructors to engage in discussions of best practices for integrating research-intensive activities into large lecture classes. This site is the culmination of these discussions and is intended to provide practical examples and evidence-based practices for infusing research into the curriculum. The FLC members hope this will serve as a best-practice resource guide for faculty and instructors who are interested in bringing research activities into their courses, including large lecture sections.

Name Email Address Title College
1. Armiel Suriaga Assistant Professor Nursing
2. Charles Dukes Professor and Interim Chair  Education
3. Daniela Nikolova University Instructor SCIENCE
4. Evelyn Frazier University Instructor Science CESCOS
5. Lea Sacca Assistant Professor Schmidt College of Medicine
6. Lincoln Sloas Associate Professor  Social Work and Criminal Justice
7. Mauricio Almonte Senior Instructor  Arts and Letters
8. Michelle Knecht Senior Medical Librarian and Head of the Medical and Health Sciences Collection and User Services Department Schmidt College of Medicine
9. Nwadiuto Esiobu Professor Science
10. Samuel Director Assistant Professor Arts and Letters
11. Sharon M. Darling Associate Professor  Education
12. William "Patch" Paczkowski Instructor College of Business