How to advertise a research opportunity

Are You Interested in Recruiting an Undergraduate Researcher?

Submit an undergraduate research opportunity! OURI sends out bi-weekly announcements to the mailing list with upcoming opportunities such as ways for undergraduates to get funded, attend presentations, conferences and workshops, events, and much more. Faculty interested in submitting an undergraduate research opportunity, please email requests to and include the following information:

  • Name and email of faculty mentor
  • Name and email of graduate student (if appropriate)
  • Project title
  • Project description (2–3-line description of what the student will be doing)
  • Start date and anticipated end date of project
  • Student expectations/qualifications: e.g. course work prerequisites, instrumentation skills, time commitment.
  • Deadline for applicants
  • Application details: what you want from the student, e.g. CV, research experience, etc.
  • Web link or flyer with additional information (if available)
  • Start and end date of advertisement (Note: If no advertising time period is provided, it will default to 2 weeks)

Please note: undergraduate students engaged in research projects may require additional research compliance training and certification. For further information please visit the Division of Research website. Additional research compliance information can be found here.

Referral Process for Students

Please feel free to refer all students who are interested in getting involved or started in research to the OURI office. We are happy to assist them!

We're located in General Classroom South (GS2), Suite 212 or at | 561. 297.OURI (6874)