Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (C.S.I.)

The Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (C.S.I.) is a student organization under the guidance of FAU’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry. C.S.I. is open to FAU students in all disciplines. Opportunities sponsored by C.S.I. include general body meetings, developing the Undergraduate Research Journal (FAURJ), classroom presentations, and Meeting of the Minds events.

C.S.I.’s goals are to:

  • promote the existing culture of undergraduate research at FAU within all disciplines
  • enhance scholarship, creativity, critical thinking and academic excellence of undergraduate students at FAU
  • Encourage and foster school pride and unity at FAU.

Visit C.S.I.’s page on Owl Central to join and learn more! Click here to view 2018-19 CSI Constitution.


Be sure to check out the new undergraduate research student organization,  the  Council for Scholarship, Inquiry, Design, and Engagement (C-SIDE) Jupiter . Visit C-SIDE's page on Owl Central to join.

Get Involved!

If you would like to join C.S.I. and get involved in research at FAU, or just learn about some fun scholarly opportunities at FAU and beyond send an e-mail to Some ways to become involved can be seen below.

  1. Become a member and attend the General Body Meetings
    • Join CSI by signing on to OwlCentral and searching for CSI - then join in the fun! 
  2. Attend and/or volunteer at the "Meeting of the Minds"- events hosted to encourage networking and engagement between faculty and students
  3. Become familiar with the research process
  4. Volunteer Opportunities
  5. Leadership Opportunities

Meet the Officers of C.S.I.!

Title Email Research Interest Future Goals Affiliation
Julianna Lian
CSI President
Computational chemistry to study biological systems, namely proteins and RNA. Currently working on experimental imaging of RNA-based diesease. I am studying chemistry and with graduate with the Class of 2022. Career-wise, I hope to pursue research and teaching in an academic setting. 

FAU Bioethics Society

FAU Archery

CLASS Tutor and Learning Assistant

Vice President:
Robin Bean
I am interested in post-traumatic growth of those who experienced living in the foster care system, as well as the epigenetic approach to intergenerational trauma and the relationship between the neurobiology of trauma, inner self-healing, personal growth, and transformation. I am pursuing a second degree in Neuroscience and Behavior. OURI Peer Mentor
Liah Brussolo Cremona
CSI Treasurer
My research topics of interest range broadly from environmental science, data analysis, climate change modelling, and plant biotechnology; to science communication, and integration of different disciplines, such as policy and social response to climate change. Propose, present, graduate with my undergraduate degree and submit research paper by or before 2021 has ended.

Strategies for Ecology, Education, Diversity and Sustainability (SEEDS)

Peer Academic Coach

General Chemistry 1 SI Leader and Tutor

Math Tutor

Kylie Long Ecology, Environmental Science, Nutrition I expect to graduate from FAU with a Bachelor's in Biology with a Minor in French Language and Culture.  I plan to attend graduate school and continue research. Strategies for Ecology, Education, Diversity and Sustainability (SEEDS)
Marketing Director:
Tyler Owen
CSI Marketing Director
Current research mainly focuses on developing an Amine-modified Silica tailored for Carbon Dioxide removal in closed air environments. Other projects include biogas purification from landfill waste. I expect to graduate with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Geomatics Engineering in 2024. My long-term aspirations are to own my own firm, possibly after graduate school. Students for Peace, American Society of Civil Engineers, & Florida Surveying and Mapping Society 
Club Liaison:
Vivek Sreejithkumar Mathematical Biology, Immuno-Epidemiological Models, Artificial Intelligence, Cellular Neuroscience, Disorder of Neural Circuit Function, Application of Machine Learning in Medicine and Neuroscience I will graduate with a Bachelor's Degree with a double major in Biochemistry and Interdisciplinary Mathematics from the Wilkes Honors College at FAU in Spring 2022.  Once I complete my Bachelor's Degree, I plan to apply to and then attend medical school with the ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.

OURI Peer Mentor

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

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