September 12, 2012

Time: 2:00 pm     Place: SU 80 Room 113
1) Call to Order, and Sign In
2) Brief announcements and discussions.
3) Review and Approval of Minutes of the August 22, 2012 meeting
4) Review and Action Regular the Following Curriculum Proposals

New items for September 12, 2012 below
Course Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: (Nursing, CDSI)
ANG 6306 Ethnographic Perspectives in Health A & L 3 New
ARH 6015 History and Ceramics A & L 4 New
ART 6819 Studio Arts Pedagogy in Higher Education A & L 2 New
MMC 6646 Political Economy of the Media A & L 3 New
Memo Deadline Change for English MA/MAT A & L N/A N/A
Proposal Change Admission Requirements for All Applicants to MFA in Visual Arts A & L N/A N/A
Reviewers by College: (Education, Library)
Memo New Exchange Credit Transfer Process Business N/A N/A
IDS 6956 General Study Abroad (PH) Business N/A New
IDS 6958 General Study Abroad Business N/A New
IDS 6959 General Study Abroad Business 1 New
Proposal Accelerated B.S Business N/A N/A
Reviewers by College: (Arts and Letters, Education)
EML 6715 Fluid Dynamics 1 Engineering 3 New