November 21, 2019

Items Approved by UGC November 6, 2019 - Forwarded to UFS Steering

 Consent Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
College of Business
Course Change  MAN7779: Advanced Management Theory 3  
New Course ACG6675: Internal Auditing and Theory and Practice  3  
New Course ACG6678: Internal Auditing Cases and Projects 3  
New Course MAN7846: The Entrepreneurship Field 3  
College for Design and Social Inquiry
Course Change URP6711: Introduction to Transportation Planning  3  
New Course URP6237: Regional and Scenario Planning  3  
New Course URP6716: Land Use and Transportation Planning  3  
Program Change School of Social Work  N/A  
College of Engineering
Course Change CGN5715: Advanced Energy Engineering/Energy Engineering  3  
Course Change TTE5501: Transportation System Analysis 3  
New Course CES5527: Nonlinear Behavior of Structures 3  
New Course CES5528: Advanced Building Design 3  
Program Change BS to PhD Program N/A  
Program Change PhD in Computer Science, PhD in Computer Engineering and PhD in Electrical Engineering  N/A  
Program Change PhD in Ocean Engineering, PhD in Mechanical Engineering  N/A  
 Action Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
No Action Items to address