March 3, 2021

University Graduate Council   Meeting Agenda 

Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Via Zoom

1) Call to order, sign in and introductions
2) Brief announcements and discussions
3) Review and approval of minutes from the February 3, 2021 UGC meeting
4) Review curriculum items approved at last GPC meeting on February 24, 2021
5) GPSA announcements and discussions

Agenda Items for March 3, 2021

Document Type Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: CSWCJ, Nursing
New Course ITT6605: Dante in the West Arts & Letters 3 A
New Course SPW6325: African Diaspora in Latin America: Literature and Culture Arts & Letters 3 A
Program Change MFA in Visual Arts: Part-time  Arts & Letters N/A AC (Changes Made)
Program Change MFA in Viaual Arts: Deadlines Arts & Letters N/A AC (Changes Made)
Reviewers by College: Arts & Letters, CSWCJ
Program Change Master's in Educational Psychology Education  N/A A
Reviewers by College: Arts & Letters, Education
Course Change CAP6546: Data Mining for Bioinformatics Engineering 3 AC (Changes Made)
New Course BME6390: Neural Engineering Engineering 3 A
New Course BME6718: Computational Modeling of Biological Neural Networks Engineering 3 A
Program Change PhD in Electrical Engineering Engineering N/A Ac (Changes Made)
Program Change PhD in Mechanical Engineering  Engineering N/A AC (Changes Made)
 Reviewers by College: Business, Medicine, Engineering
Course Change OCE6972: Marine Science and Oceanography Master's Research Science 1-6 A
New Program PhD in Neuroscience with Appendix F Science N/A AC (Changes Made)
Addendum 1 BoG Report for Phd in Neuroscience Science    
Addendum 2 Appendices A thru E for PhD in Neuroscience Science    
Addendum 3 Letters of Support for PhD in Neuroscience Science    
Addendum 4 Program Faculty CVs for PhD in Neuroscience Science    
Addendum 5 Additional Program Faculty CVs for PhD in Neuroscience Science    
Addendum 6 Library Resources Relevant to the PhD in Neuroscience Science    
Program Change MST in Mathematics Science N/A AC (Changes Made)

A: Approved; AC: Approved Contigent on changes being made
Additional Discussion Items

Title  Department
Discussion, and draft, of proposal to extend the GRE/GMAT waiver Graduate College
Graduate College Governance Document UGC Chair
Discussion of Diversity Initiative Graduate College & All
Discussion of Admissions Process for International Students UGC Chair