January 21, 2021

Items Approved by UGC December 16, 2020 - Forwarded to UFS Steering

Consent Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
College of Arts & Letters
Course Change PAD6165: Legal and Ethical Issues in Nonprofit Organizations 3  
Course Change PAD6166: Human Resource Management for Nonprofits 3  
Course Change PAD6206: Fundraising for Nonprofits 3  
Course Change PAD6233: Grantwriting and Project Management 3  
Course Change PAD6260: Financial Management for Nonprofit Managers 3  
Course Change SOW6646: Advanced Theory & SW Practice with Elders & Families 3  
College of Engineering
Course Change BME5000: Introduction to Bioengineering 3  
Course Change BME6762: Bioinformatics: Bioengineering Perspectives 3  
Program Change Bioengineering Certificate N/A  
Program Change MS in Bioengineering N/A  
Course Change CAP5615: Introduction to Neural Networks 3  
Course Change CAP6315: Social Networks and Big Data Analytics 3  
Course Change CAP6619: Deep Learning 3  
Course Change CAP6640: Natural Language Processing 3  
Course Change CAP6673: Data Mining and Machine Learning 3  
Course Change CAP6776: Information Retrieval 3  
Course Change CAP6777: Web Mining 3  
Course Change CEN5035: Software Engineering  3  
Course Change CEN5086: Cloud Computing 3  
Course Change CEN6405: Computer Performance Modeling 3  
Action Items

Discussion Items for consideration by UFS Steering

Title  Department
Professional PhD with Major in Computer Science UGC
Memo regarding Professional PhD with Major in Computer Science UGC
UGC Memo on Dissertation Discussion UGC